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This is a review of Performer5, please click below if you need:

Do you find it factual that natural penile enhancement supplements don’t do the job? Do guys really want it?

performer5 reviewsMany experts have long discussed if males will need male enhancement products in order to meet his significant other’s sexual needs. I actually have a nice male enhancement review, a Performer5 review.

I’m intending that my own Performer5 review can easily respond to the majority of the questions you have regarding male enhancement pills.

Furthermore, In addition, I want to address these types of concerns by the end of my Performer5 Review:

  • So how exactly does Performer 5 Do the job?
  • Would it be risk-free?
  • Could Performer5 be a different sort of a scam?

I’ve put together this kind of Performer5 review to uncover exactly what can make it work. I will even check out about what substances and also precisely what are the particular quantity of every ingredient, and whether or not it possesses unwanted side effects and if there can be SCAMS associated with Performer 5.

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What are the truths about men’s sexual problems?

Many say that the cause of men’s sexual problems is actually not about sexual dysfunction but it is more of a sexual dissatisfaction. My Performer5 Review reveals that most men lose the amount of their semen when they reach the age of 40.

But I also uncovered the miserable truth about males that most don’t have enough semen even in their prime to give powerful ejaculation. This is the justification given by most promiscuous women who left their partners.

While doing my Performer 5 review, I came to realize that women are not easily satisfied by size. What they really need is a strong penis which can penetrate and hit their g-spot hard. That is the only time that they really feel that they will come.

There are some men who don’t need male enhancers but believe me even the porn stars use male enhancement products to during their shoot.

Imagine with those long minutes or even hours of sexual fetishes and positions they can hold their ejaculation time. And, when the time has come for them to shoot it out, it comes out flooding.

performer5 reviews

How can Performer5 help us?

Performer5 is one of the popular brands of natural male enhancement pills. It has ingredients to allow your body to produce more semen. The creators of this product believed, through their own study of how a penis can last longer and harder, that the more semen you have the more stiff your penis will be.

Performer5 is also believed to allow you to ejaculate more than once. The normal male should only ejaculate once in a night but the normal female can ejaculate up to 5 times or more as long as her partner can do the job well. These are the facts that I found in my Performer5 review.

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What are the Performer5 ingredients that can make our body produce more semen?

In my Performer 5 review I found these effective ingredients that are responsible for the mass production of semen.

  • Pomegranate (70% ellagic) 125mg
    Pomegranate seed extract solution have been found within a study to raise nitric oxide related to preserving the health of the blood vessels.
  • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate 150mg
    Integrating Zinc using this type of extra element can be very effective at helping the volume of semen a man ejaculate. According to a study through the USDA, the greater the building blocks of Zinc oxide, the better the effects. During an assessment, individuals semen volumes reduced by a lot more than 30% every time their zinc oxide intake were being reduced.
  • Mucuna Pruriens 25mg
    This phenomenal herb may be one of the best partners to maintain sexual desire and stamina. Mucuna Pruriens is usually a legume present in Asia and Caribbean. The actual seeds contain levodopa that’s a substance that our bodies change to dopamine.
  • Creatine Monohydrate 35mg
    Used by bodybuilders for a great goal, creatine monohydrate can be proven to postpone the beginning of fatigue by simply buffering lactic acid throughout strenuous exercise routines and lowering your healing period. Amazing facts to know whenever you prepare an all night regimen of sex.
  • L- Arginine 500mg
    As reported by existing health-related research if you take merely 5g of l-arginine every day can help you achieve harder erections. Nitric oxide supplement is essential intended for powerful erection effectiveness but decreases as you get older that leads to slow and much softer erection strength. The most effective methods for improving nitric oxide is really L-arginine, which is often a good protein.

There are more ingredients that are listed but I decided to keep the others since their function is just similar with the ingredients mentioned here.

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Does Performer5 have negative side effects?

It doesn’t have any adverse bad effects on the penis since it is from all natural ingredients. But, some of the ingredients may be harmful if you have some previous ailments or diseases.

It would be good if you can visit your physician before you try the product if you think you might be allergic to some of the mentioned compounds.

Is Performer5 a Scam?

It is not a Scam. The product is a popular brand of male enhancer and they would lose millions if they try something stupid like ripping off their loyal customers.

The company itself is a business mogul so I believe they won’t risk tarnishing their name just for the cause of easy money.


Here’s the list of Performer 5 advantages by my opinion:

  • 180 days money back guarantee. Which is a LOT, compared to other brands
  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • Coupon code available
  • Super FAST and discreet shipping
    Your order is packed on the same day that you order plus your privacy is assured.
  • 90 Pills Per Serving
  • Up to 5 times more ejaculation
  • Up to 50% savings if you buy in bulk
  • HUGE selection of bonuses
    This includes LoveCentria™ online & 54 online DVD’s, MaleExtra™ pills, Vit5™ and more


  • Available online only
  • Credit card orders only
    You need to have a valid credit card to place an order. No other payment options available
  • Since it’s an UK base merchant, it can take up to several days until you get your order

To top it all

My Performer 5 Review proves that men need male enhancement products if they want to give more pleasure to their partner.

I can personally attest the efficiency of the Performer5 because of the potent ingredients it has to let our body produce more semen and it will also give us energy for long lasting hours of sex.

But, my Performer5 Review admits that the product is will not add up your penile length and circumference. It is all about giving you extra mile.

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This is Volume pills review, click below if you a looking for:

Semen enhancement pills (also called volume pills) are standing apart from other penis enlargement products because their main function is pointed towards increasing the sperm’s quantity and quality but not on penile enlargement. My complete and honest VolumePills review is based on many customer’s tests, research and testimonials.

One of the best selling and best known brand on the enhancement market nowadays is VolumePills. This product is rated very high by those men who tried it and compared to other semen enhancement products. People always give great positive feedback when it comes to VolumePills.

But why should you buy Volume pills? What is the difference between Volume pills and other semen pills like Semenax? I wrote this VolumePills review in order to help men who are still trying to figure out which semen pill is the best and most effective.

Those men who are trying to figure out whether or not VolumePills is a SCAM and want to know whether this product is worth their money and time have also come to the right address.

First of all, you should be interested in VolumePills if you would like to:

  • Increase semen volume fast and effective
  • Produce a huge amount of sperm
  • Experience more powerful and strong orgasms
  • Improve the sperm quality and solve problems with fertility
  • Increase sexual desire, boost self-confidence and performance

But in some enhancement ways VolumePill doesn’t work. Do not buy Volume pills if you need to:

  • Make your erection more intense, harder or stronger
  • Enlarge penis size in length or in girth

VolumePill also doesn’t help with premature ejaculations, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, impotency and other sexual diseases.

So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of this male enhancement product? If you visit VolumePills’ official web site you will discover that this product has been known on the enhancement market for more than 10 years. You will also see that it is medically and clinically approved and recommended by many GP urologists and sexologists. Why are doctors confident in the effectiveness of VolumePills? What is the main advantage of this special male enhancement pill?

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volume pills reviews

VolumePills advantages:

  • Semen volume will increase up to 500%!
  • Its effectiveness in increasing semen has been confirmed and certified by recent medical researches and clinical tests. Many therapists and urologists are recommending VolumePills to their patients for the purpose of increasing the sperm’s quality. They also claim that after taking the pills the amount of semen will increase up to 500% and many customer’s feedback and VolumePills reviews gave weight to the VolumePills manufacturer’s claims.

  • Ingredients are clinically proven and approved by certified good manufacturing practice
  • Pills include bioperine, cooper chelate which is known as a supplement that prevents coronary diseases and is also know to lower the arterial pressure. Cuscuta seeds and green tea are natural antioxidants, ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow to the penis chambers; horny goat weed is a powerful aphrodisiac that effectively enhances the sexual pleasure and many other ingredients which have influence on the male’s reproductive organs – vitamins, powerful blends of herbs, organic acids like L-Arginine and creatine – an important metabolite involved in many biochemical reactions and present in many types of living cells.

  • Fast visible results
  • VolumePills work as a booster to your testosterone level, it includes special nutrients and a blend of herbal extracts which help to rush the blood flow to the penis. You’ll see the first results after 2-3 weeks.

  • The included ingredients are absolutely safe and natural
  • You’ll experience no side effect unless you are allergic to one of VolumePills component. Moreover, a new formula of VolumePills has been developed recently to help you to achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

  • Volume pill is manufactured only at cGMP-certified facility which means the ingredients they use are absolutely safe and very high-quality.
  • High-qualified customer support and the product is very reasonably priced.
  • A month supply will cost you only $65 but as it is 90 days risk free it would be better to purchase 3 month supply for $160. You can save $35 and get some additional bonuses such as free member access, some bonus materials etc. But the more month supply packs you purchase the more discounts and bonuses you get such as free boxes of penis enlargement ProSolution pills, free DVDs, a men only membership and much more. The best VolumePill offer today is a 12 month supply for $348.95 with six free bonuses and a $431 discount.

  • 100% Money back – 90 days money back guarantee
  • But the main advantage is that you can send the product back within 6 months and then get a full refund!

Of course, as any other male enhancement product, VolumePills have some downsides. Why are there so many articles about VolumePills SCAMS spread all over the Internet?

If you read some of them you probably already know that 99% of those articles and VolumePill reviews are fake and written by resellers or vendors who sell VolumePills and just want to get your attention. My main recommendation is: DO NOT BUY VolumePills from unknown sellers or from websites that look unreliable. Buy VolumePills only from VolumePills’ official website or trustworthy vendors.

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Volume Pills disadvantages:

  • Not FDA approved
  • This male enhancement product has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but as this is not a prescribed drug, does not contain any pharmaceutical composition and does not cure any disease it is not necessary to be certified by the FDA.

  • The product is a bit expensive in comparison to other semen volume pills.
  • For example, the Semenax pill will cost a bit cheaper – $59.95 for a month supply and $154.95 for 3 month supply BUT according to many customers’ testimonials Volume pills are worth it! If you would like to see better results and huge bonuses that come with the package – Volume pills would be the right choice. In addition, Semenax offers only 67 days money back guarantee as compared to Volumepills offers 90 days money back guarantee!

My Conclusion

As many other male enhancement pills you should take one or two tablets per day. If you are looking for a fast, safe and effective way to increase the volume of semen up to several hundred percents, want to enhance your sexual performance, and experience more powerful and strong orgasms – these Volume Pills are just for you.

Do not be concerned, these pills do really work. It is one of the best semen pills you can find on the market today. It works great when it comes to improving the sperm’s mobility, it increases the quality and quantity of ejaculations very fast, and helps to experience multiple orgasms.

But if you are looking for a penis enlargement product or need to make your erection stronger and harder, VolumePills will not help you in this way!

I hope that my VolumePills review will help you make the right choice and final decision but please do protect yourself from many fake and sponsored articles and VolumePills reviews.

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This is a Sinrex review, click below if you need:

What is the most effective pill for male enhancement? Is Sinrex the best penile enlargement pill or is it just a SCAM? Read on below and find out why a lot of customers have been DISAPPOINTED by Sinrex pills.

As you know, manufacturers always claim that their products are the best you can buy and work better than the other products from competitors. These are the most questionable statements we always hear.

In order to find out which male enhancement pill is the best we have compiled many Sinrex reviews, compared customers feedback and testimonials and of course purchased Sinrex personally to test it.

This Sinrex review is there to help men who would like to learn more about this product but are concerned whether or not they should buy Sinrex want to know if this enlargement pills is worth their time and money or not.

First of all you should discover what Sinrex is all about, by which company it is produced and what kind of results this penis enlargement pill delivers. Is Sinrex the safe and effective way to increase your penis size?

If you visit Sinrex official web site you can find out that the company manufacturer has been known on the penis enlargement market for 9 years and over one million of Sinrex boxes were sold worldwide.

So what is the difference between Sinrex and other male enhancement products?

Sinrex pills are a bit different than other penis pills, their effectiveness is based on a dual synergy formula (Sinrex Male Enhancement Pills and the Sinrex EGCG and Lycopene Performance Enhancement Capsules) which means that the included ingredients are working as a complex.

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Sinrex advantages

  • Specially developed dual synergy formula based on natural powerful nutrients and a blend of herbs
  • Ingredients are absorbed into the blood stream directly which helps to achieve visible and fast enlargement results. It also increases the metabolism, it helps to sculpt the body, it increases the energy and strength, protects men from many sexual diseases such as prostate cancer by removing carcinogens and free radicals from the organism – these factors help to enlarge penis size, lose weight and improve overall sexual and physical health.

  • Ingredients are clinically proven and approved by certified manufacturing practices
  • Pills include bioperine and cooper chelate which is known as a coronary disease preventing supplement which normalizes the arterial pressure. Cuscuta seeds and green tea are natural antioxidants, ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow to the penis chambers; horny goat weed is a powerful aphrodisiac that effectively enhances sexual pleasure and it has many other ingredients which influence the male’s reproductive organs – vitamins, powerful blends of herbs, organic acids like L-Arginine and creatine – an important metabolite involved in many biochemical reactions which is also present in many types of living cells.

  • Effective in penis enlargement, alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, sexual disorders and even weight loss.
  • Visible fast enlargement and enhancement results.
  • Usually it takes one month to see additional inches in length and girth and a sexual health and performance improvement.

  • Lots of bonuses, special offers, discounts etc
  • They offer a special military discount with Sinrex promo codes and ship to military addresses. They also provide bonus packs which include a free month’s supply with each order, better sex DVDs, penis enlargement devices, access to a website with enlargement exercises, gift cards and much more. If you order a month supply you will get an additional month’s supply for free – 2 month’s supply will cost you only $79.95 in total.

  • A lot of payment options including PAYPAL and Credit Cards
  • It is very easy and convenient to purchase Sinrex as they take PayPal as well as credit cards.

  • 100% Money back – 90 days money back guarantee
  • Absolutely risk free – just ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the final result.

sinrex review

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Sinrex disadvantages

Along with the advantages in my Sinrex review it would be fair to mention some Sinrex disadvantages and let you know why customers have been DISAPPOINTED by Sinrex pills.

  • Possible Side effects
  • As a rule people who take this male enhancement pill do not experience any side effect however it is possible that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients included. It is essential to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the Sinrex components.

  • Take a pill twice a day!
  • Some men hate to take medicines or pills. When it comes to Sinrex you should take pills twice a day so it could be a bit inconvenient. Using male enhancement patches is a good solution to pills, however it depends on your personal preferences.

  • Sinrex is only available online
  • Unfortunately it is impossible to buy Sinrex in your local store, it is only available online. This is an advantage and downside at the same time. It helps men to keep purchasing male enhancement pills privately – an online order is very discreet, however it could take some time until your order will be delivered. Average shipping time is between 2 to 10 days depending on your location.

  • A lot of Sinrex SCAM resellers
  • Another disappointment is that there are so many SCAM vendors who attract customers with cheap Sinrex prices, our recommendation is to buy Sinrex from a reliable and trustworthy dealer – please visit the official Sinrex website first.

My Conclusion

It is very difficult to choose penis enhancement pills nowadays as there are TONS of opposite information and opinions that can be found in magazines, on TV and online. Choose wisely! Do not trust fake Sinrex reviews and unreliable testimonials, try to find and compare as many facts concerning male enhancement pills as you can!

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Hope you’ve found our Sinrex review useful and helpful! Feel free to leave your comments below.


It’s a review of Semenax, click below if you need:

As you know there are a hundred of different male enhancement pills available on the market nowadays. No wonder it is a bit hard to identify which pill works better and what exactly you need if you are interested in penis enlargement.

There are several groups of pills – enlargement pills, prescribed drugs, patches, volume pills etc. Semenax reckons among volume pills group and as you may have gathered from the name it helps to increase the volume of your ejaculations. semenax review

From my Semenax review you’ll learn more about this product, you will find out if Semenax really works, the advantages and disadvantages of using Semenax, possible side effects and how Semenax is different than other volume pills. So, DO NOT BUY Semenax until you read this Semenax review or learn more about this product at their official web site.

First of all what potential buyers should know is how Semenax work? You should also be aware of what you can expect from Semenax volume pills?

Of course, the main function of this product is to help men to increase semen volume up to twice the amount they previously had. But it also enhances the function of vital parts of a man’s reproductive system such as seminal vesicles, prostate, penis and testicles.

This male enhancement supplement works very simple – you take a Semenax pill once a day as a daily supplement, the active components included in the pills boost the tonus in all male sexual organs which are responsible for your orgasm and pleasure.

Why is it so important to produce more sperm? Well, the more semen a man produces the more sexual pleasure he gets. But most importantly, Semenax helps to improve the quality of semen, not just its volume.

Why you should increase the quality and quantity of healthy sperm in your ejaculation? Quality of sperm is really important, especially if you are aiming to conceive a baby. Your sperm quality is a guarantee of your wife’s pregnancy success. The more semen you can ejaculate the more sperm will be emitted and sent towards the woman’s ovaries and this increases the chances of fertility.

But is Semenax safe? What’s Semenax negative side effect?

There is absolutely nothing for men to worry about because all ingredients in this volume pill are absolutely natural – it consists only of herbs, minerals, and vitamins. Semenax is a blend of natural amino-acids, vitamins and herbal concentrates specifically chosen by team of doctors, herbalists and sexual health specialists.

The tests and medical researches prove that this product works as a stimulator for sexual activity, increases the ejaculation volume, the orgasm intensity and its duration, helps to experience harder and stronger erections and improves the sperm production and sperm quality. Absolutely all ingredients included in Semenax are natural – pumpkin seed, Swedish flowers, cranberry extract, Brazilian herb called Muira puama as well as Vitamin E and a special selection of amino-acids.

semenax review

To sum up let’s distinguish some of the volume pills benefits.

Semenax volume pill advantages

  • Only natural, specially selected herbal ingredients, vitamins and natural amino-acids
  • Produced by cGMP, a certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer, all ingredients pass special tests for purity prior to production and have Certificates of Analysis for any of the ingredients included that prove their freshness, safety, and potency. The pills are clinically tested and medically proven.

  • Due to semen quality improvement Semenax increases the chance of fertility as well as a chance to conceive a child.
  • If you want to have a baby, make sure that your wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnancy test will become positive very soon and wait no longer!

  • Increase sexual pleasure – intense orgasm by improving male sexual muscle groups’ health and their contraction
  • Increase volume of ejaculation – produce up to 300% more sperm volume
  • Boost your sexual self-confidence in bed
  • Helps to experience longer and harder erections
  • NO side effects!
  • Very reasonable price, lots of bonuses and discounts
  • 100% Money back – 67 days money back!!

Click here to get Semenax pills

When purchasing Semenax you are absolutely protected that if this supplement for some reason does not work you can simply ask your money back. This is not a “newbie” on the enhancement pill market and they enjoy 10 years of reputation as a honest and trustworthy male enhancement products manufacturer.

A month supply box costs just $59.95 and since the Semenax Semenax official web site provides a 67 days money back guarantee it would be better to order 3 month’s supply and there is nothing to lose if you didn’t notice any results – it is absolutely risk free. Additionally, there are many bonuses and up to $320 discounts are available now.

Order 3 month’s supply for $154.95 and get free shipping and save $25. Do keep in mind that if you purchase a bigger supply you will receive more gifts and bonuses. Buy a one year supply of Semenax and receive a free bottle of VigRX enlargement pills, a free bottle of GenF20 human growth hormone, a free bottle of SemEnhance and a $25 discount card for any purchase in one of the better sex malls. Free express shipping is included of course.

Semenax disadvantages

  • As Semenax boosts the sperm count massively, it can be a bit confusing when your girlfriend sees the amount of semen
  • Some women say that they have never seen so much sperm at once. It could be a bit messy, remember about that! It’s not a real disadvantage; just make sure that you’ll be producing a huge amount when you ejaculate.

  • Make sure that you are not allergic on any kind of ingredient included!
  • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any side effect but check the full list of ingredients just in case. Find the list at Semenax’s official web site at the “Ingredients” section.

  • Semenax is only available online
  • It helps manufacturers keep their prices on their product low at the cost of waiting 2-3 days for the delivery of the product. However, ordering Semenax online is the safest and most discreet way to purchase male enhancement products.

Click here for Semenax pills official website


According to thousands satisfied customers and Semenax pill reviews that were written by men based on their personal experience, hundreds of testimonials which you can simply find on the web you can be assured that Semenax does really works as one of the best male enhancement volume pills.

Just make this supplement a part of your daily diet and follow up how Semenax works to increase the intensity of your orgasms, give a huge increase in semen release, improvemes your sex drive and overall male sexual health.

Of course, results may vary but you have nothing to lose, just give it a try and write your own Semenax review or testimonial and share with other men who do really care about sexual pleasure, surely you will be very satisfied with the results.



Click to see the VigRX Plus Review

Enzyte official website is down for some time, so do not buy Enzyte as it might be unsafe!

Please check the list of the best male enhancement pills at main page. I suggest you to read this VigRx Plus review as it’s the best pill in the market nowadays.

This is a review of Enzyte, if you are here for Enzyte official website please click the link below:

  • Enzyte Pills official website (offline, last checked )

Do you know why Enzyte is one of the most well-known representatives on male enhancement industry? Why it has also been reckoned in top 10 best sales enlargement pills for the last five years? enzyte review

Well, first of all there were so many advertisements and PR on newspapers, magazines, TV shows etc. etc. You can easily find a TON of Enzyte reviews everywhere – some of them eulogize this product and its effectiveness and all talk about Enzyte Scam. Other reviews are so negative, disparaging and humiliating, states its ineffectiveness, disutility and uselessness.

Who tells you the truth and what you should believe in? What Enzyte review is really honest and not commercial? Does Enzyte really work? What review contains reliable information and who you can trust on? That is the most serious and difficult question and you should learn more until you’ll find the proper answer.

The truth is, many Enzyte reviews are fake, both positives and negatives. Some of them are too sponsored and commercial, others have been written with fraudulent misrepresentation to libel the product.

As a rule, websites with positive Enzyte reviews promote and sell this product, websites with negative reviews promote other products and comparison is always points to the fact that other product is better than Enzyte.

For some men these pills do not really work but they are very effective for others and it’s up to you to decide what male enhancement pill to choose. My Enzyte review is honest and based on real facts, real information and many other customer’s testimonials and reviews so you can be assured that I did not write it to promote something, just FYI.

Advantages of Enzyte pills:

  • Contains only natural blend of herbal ingredients, no chemicals or drastic drugs
  • Enzyte was produced by Berkeley Nutraceuticals – very reliable and well known pharmaceuticals company, which has been in herbal supplements business for more than ten years. However Enzyte has not been approved by FDA but it is not a secret, you can find this information from Enzyte official web site where they claim that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    So it is not a drug, you can take it as every day health supplement or vitamin without any side effects. Full list of ingredients can be found in Enzyte official web site, it contains Korean Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, L-Agrinine and many other natural ingredient and herbs.

  • Fast visible results
  • Over 70% respondents who tried Enzyte confirm its effectiveness after 2 month of usage. Of course individual results may vary but enlargement in length and girth is very noticeable. Penis enlargement results vary from 1.5 to 2 inches in length and 20% in girth.

    More than 65% of men confirm that erection became stronger, firmer and harder, better ejaculation control and bigger ejaculation volumes. Other positive effects noticed are – multiple orgasms, blood flow and stamina increase, intense erection as well as overall sexual health improvement. But of course some men noticed no change in sexual performance and no male enhancement effects but only a mild reduction in sensitivity.

  • Bonuses and special offers available – free ultimate intensifying gel with each order
  • Very reasonable (cheap) price
  • As opposite to many other popular male enhancement pills Enzyte is much cheaper than others. For example, ProSolution pills 3 month supply will cost you $188.95 and Enzyte 3 month supply sales for only $99.90 It means that you can get 1 box of pills absolutely for free.

  • NO side effects!
  • Money back – risk free, 60 days money back guarantee

Click here to get Enzyte pills

enzyte pills review

Enzyte Disadvantages:

Of course as all other products Enzyte penis enlargement pills have some disadvantages.

  • As we mentioned above, it has not been approved by FDA, but it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • This product is too commercial and there are hundreds of vendors who promote it.
  • Of course it is not a secret that you should purchase all penis enlargement pills from reliable and trustworthy companies or from official websites. Do not purchase anything from spammers or sellers you suspect on anything dishonest.

The Conclusion

There are more than 3 millions of men tried Enzyte and of course experience of each man is different. You can find so many positive feedbacks of its overwhelming effectiveness as well as totally disappointments and frustrating and claims that Enzyte doesn’t work at all.

It depends on many factors and personal peculiarities. All people are different and each enlargement product works different for each man. The truth of Enzyte that 80% of men who tried it confirms visible enlargement results and overall sexual improvement – you can’t deny that it is a very high successful rate. But to check if results are really excellent it is better to try Enzyte by yourself, make your personal experiment and make the final conclusion of its effectiveness based on your personal experience.

I hope you’ve found this Enzyte review helpful.

Click here to visit Enzyte website


When we talk about penis enlargement it is very important to mention natural penis enlargement patches also known as male enhancement patches. We also made picking of reviews top of the line patches such as ProEnhance patch review, Vimax patch review and Maxiderm patch review. As you might know, there are so many different brands and types of enhancement supplements and all of them offer a very effective and fast result but it is obvious that not all patches are the same. male enhancement patches

Patch technology is relatively new in male enhancement industry; the main idea of this system is that active ingredients are absorbed by the skin. All penis enlargement patches are simple skin medicated adhesive patches that are placed on your skin and deliver a specific dose of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream, this process is called transdermal.

An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery route over other types such as oral, topical, etc is that it provides a controlled release of the medicament into the patient. A disadvantage to development however, stems from the fact that the skin is a very effective barrier.

In case of penile enlargement, pharmaceutical companies developed wide varieties of natural herbal substances which can be delivered by transdermal patches easily. Permeating into your circulatory system, natural ingredients mixed inside of this patch diffuse through your blood stream, increasing the blood flow in your penis chambers and thereby increase your penis size by means of cell interplay.

Special components that are absorbed will also help you to improve your erection, produce more sperm, prolong your orgasm, avoid premature ejaculation and other sexual problems and even diseases. If you are interested in enlarging your penis only, well, penis enlargement patch will definitely be able to help you.

The main question you may ask yourself is what is the best way to enlarge your penis faster? There are many ways to do it (male enhancement exercises, penis enlargement pills or even enlargement surgery) but you should always choose method which is much healthier and safer.

male enhancemen patchesWhat is the difference between enlargement pills and male enhancement patches you may ask? Well, the main difference is in the active components and their way of delivery – Since this either happens through your stomach or through the skin. Both ways are good and effective and it depends on you what type of enlargement you prefer because pills as well as patches are both safe and efficient.

Both ways are discreet and effective in penile enhancement, some men prefer enlargement pills because they would like to see results faster, but patches are not any worse. You can apply a patch on your skin and wait for the first results, in case of pills you should take them every day, it could be a bit inconvenient but of course it always depends on you and your preferences.

To sum it up, let’s just hit the high spots: why do you need enlargement patches?

You need patches if you would like to:

  • Enlarge your penis size (in length or in girth)
  • Get a longer and harder erection
  • Avoid premature ejaculation and other sexual problems
  • Produce more semen and enhance pleasure/sex drive
  • Keep overall sexual health

What is the main difference between patches and enhancement pills?

  • Pills and patches consist of almost the same active ingredients but pills work through your digestive system, patches work through your skin because of the new transdermal technology.
  • You should take pills every day (sometimes twice a day), one patch could be applied for 2-3 days.
  • Patch is a bit more discreet than a pill; you can slap a small patch on your skin and hide it under your clothes. Some men are just afraid to take pills and prefer patches’ ease and convenience.

There are many patch brands you can find on the enhancement market nowadays, some of them are better than others but which patch should you prefer? Which penis enlargement patch is better and why? According to a lot research and customer testimonials the most effective and the most recommended natural male enhancement patches are ProEnhance – not only the patch, but the complete enhancement patch system, the Vimax patch system and the Maxiderm patch system.

For your convenience I have tested, examined and analyzed all three patches brands. All these patches are top of the line enlargement patches you can find on the market today, they all are high-quality and highly recommended but they do have some advantages and disadvantages of course. Please read my ProEnhance patch review, Vimax patch review and Maxiderm patch review for a better understanding of which penis enlargement patches work the best.

As medical patches become an increasingly popular choice for many patients, male enhancement patches have been released on the market with equally exciting results.

What is the patch, and why is it such a popular choice?

The patch is similar to a band-aid, and can be worn discretely under clothing. It slowly releases special nutrients into the bloodstream, making sex more enjoyable.

The male enhancement patches get best results when worn just above the pubic area or on the hip. While it isn’t recommended to be submerged in water, it can safely be worn while showering. The combination of ingredients are released from the patch over a period of several days.

Just like other male enhancements, the focus of the patch is to stimulate development of the penis’s spongy tissue. The idea is to allow the penis to retain more blood during erection, which makes the penis larger.

The combination of herbs is also believed to help increase the sexual stamina, as well as control over the ejaculation. Since men are such sexually oriented beings, the male enhancement patches can be a tool to help with confidence and enjoyment with one’s sex life.

Most men don’t report negative side effects from using male enhancement patches. There are a few cases in which users had slight irritation at the application site of the patch. Since the patches don’t have to cycle through the digestive tract, which actually makes the chances of side effects lower.

Most men see an improvement in libido and size in as few as two weeks. The longer you use it, the better the results will be. Within a few months, you will reach a maximum result in performance and pleasure.

Patches can be used for up to 72 hours before replacing it. While some men choose to keep the patch in one spot, the best results will come from relocating the patch to a different area of the body to avoid any skin irritation.

When choosing which company to order from, make sure they have trackable packaging and secure ordering. This is true for any online order, and will prevent unwanted people from getting your personal information.

While the herbs and other ingredients found in male enhancement patches can greatly enhance your sex life, the best way to get maximum results is to live a healthy life. Combined with a good diet and exercise regime, you can get faster results. Stress and fatigue can lead to a decrease in sexual function.

When using an enhancement patch, you can also consider adding other supplements to your diet as well. Consult with a doctor before combining too many products.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, reread the directions. Make sure that you are applying it properly and have allowed enough time. Reputable companies will have a money back guarantee.

What are you waiting for? Try male enhancement patches to enhance your sexual relationship. You and your partner are sure to enjoy the results of a larger penis, increased stamina, and more libido.


It’s a Vimax patch review, click the link below if you are looking for

For those, who didn’t read my MaxiDerm and ProEnhace patch reviews it is necessary to remind that I’ve purchased all three patches and decided to make an experiment on my own body. I’ve tried Vimax personally and wrote this Vimax patch review as a help for those men who value their time and money. I’ll share my personal perception and experience but remember that the effect the patches have on you can be different from mine due to our physical diversities. vimax patch review

I also understand that a penis enlargement pill is a good alternative to male enhancement patches but to tell you the truth I feel very uncomfortable taking pills so that’s why I’ve decided to start with patches first as a safer and more harmless method compared to pills. When reading my Vimax Patch review you’ll figure out the main advantages and disadvantages of this patch, and find out what conclusion I have arrived to.


First of all, I have ordered a 3 month supply and it cost me a total of $154.95. Of course, the more packages you purchase the more discounts you receive. Price starts from $39.15 and goes up to $59.95 to per package, your maximum saving could be $124.75 or 40% if you order a 6 month supply, and you’ll receive 1 free box of patches and one free bottle of Liquid RX.

A ProEnhance 6 month supply costs $15 more than Vimax – $249.95, but I think that ProEnhance’s pack is worth much more than Vimax’s 6 month package because instead of just 1 bottle of Liquid RX you can get a free box of ProSolution pills and a free box of Volume pills.

But as I mentioned before my main goal was to purchase all three brands of patches and make a comparison between Vimax, ProEnhance and MaxiDerm. With regard to prices I can tell you that the prices for a 3 month supply are absolutely the same for each patch – $154.95. The main difference is what is included in this price.

vimax patch review

Additional bonuses

With the Vimax patch I received free access to “Men only” websites with a variety of erotic cartoons, erotic stories, tantric sexuality, Kama-sutra and special penis enlargement programs. MaxiDerm does not provide any bonuses or access to member’s area with a male enhancement exercises website.

Click here for Vimax patch official website

Vimax patch Advantages

  • Natural ingredients – no chemicals, no preservatives etc.
  • Of course the main advantage is that the product is 100% natural and safe, for me it is very good to know that I can safely and permanently enlarge my penis size.

  • Fast results – visible results after 3 months. Bigger penis size is not a myth, penis enlargement is really possible.
  • Vimax Patch’s official web site advertises that it is possible to increase your penis size up to 3 to 4 inches in length and up to 25% in girth. After 3 months using Vimax patches I’ve noticed that my penis became much thicker and fuller in girth and it also became 1 inch longer. These results impressed me a lot.

  • Stronger and more intensifying orgasms – more powerful erections and increase in ejaculation volume which means more semen and more pleasure in bed
  • Well, that is all true partly. I’ve noticed that my orgasms are more intensive and acute; I can produce more semen and control ejaculations better than before.

  • Extremely easy to use, very discreet
  • That is true. Absolutely! I’m not paranoid but I really hate to take pills of any kind. I always forgot to take it, you know, there’s a whole lot of little things to do and remember nowadays so the patch technology is the best for me. I just stick one patch to my abdomen area and forget about it for 3 days, that’s it. No need to explain to someone about the pills you take and why, nobody knows that you are using a penis enlargement patch.

  • Perfect after sale customer support
  • I really like them! I’ve called them, sent a TON of emails, talked to their customer support through live chat for hours and asked too many questions but they always were very polite, answered patiently and attentively.

  • NO side effects!
  • 100% Money back

Click here to get Vimax patch

vimax patch review

Vimax patch Disadvantages

  • • I could mark out one disadvantage of the Vimax patch system. It is a bit inconvenient to order Vimax online as their “order now” webpage is a bit uninformative.
  • You can’t compare the price per packets instantly until you select the payment option you prefer. Also, ProEnhance provides much more bonuses than Vimax and their “for men only” access is much comprehensive and interesting.


To sum up my Vimax patch review, after 3 months of using Vimax penis enlargement patches I’m very impressed and satisfied with the final results. I’ve reached the main benefits – penis enlargement in length and girth, more intense orgasms, harder erections and more pleasure in bed with my girlfriend!

It is also necessary to say that I’ve used patches in complex with special penis enlargement exercises, such as Jelq, hot wraps and Kegels. I’m” training” my penis for more than 1 year already and really like doing this. And it is essential for me that Vimax patch as well as ProEnhance provide access to special male enhancement exercise courses.

Hope my Vimax Patch review will help you to make your final decision and that it answered most of the many frequently asked questions like what Vimax patch is, how the Vimax patch works, what the Vimax patches contains, how the Vimax patch should be used and what should be kept in mind when using Vimax patches.

Click here for Vimax patch official website


This is a review of MaxiDerm Penis Enlargement Patch, click below if you a looking:

There are so many ways available if you are about to add some inches or just improve your sexual health, however not all of them are reliable. If you screen though the web you’ll discover that almost all penis enlargement supplements and boosters claim amazing 100% results. Before I wrote this MaxiDerm Patch review I’ve done some research and found out that there are at least 3 popular brands which deserve my attention. maxiderm patch review

There are Vimax patches, ProEnhance Patches and MaxiDerm enlargement patches. I’ve purchased all three patches and decided to do an experiment. I’ve tried MaxiDerm personally and wrote this MaxiDerm Patch review as a help for those men who value their time and money. I know that a penis enlargement pill is a good alternative to male enhancement patches but I hate taking pills so that’s why I’ve decided to start with patches first as a safer and more harmless method than pills.

From my MaxiDerm review you’ll find out more about the main advantages and disadvantages of this patch, my personal experience, final conclusions and more importantly why I have been disappointed with MaxiDerm Patch.

The main advantages I discovered using Maxiderm patches:

  • It is a good alternative to enlargement pills – I hate taking pills or medicines which is why I prefer the patch’s trans-dermal technology.
  • Only natural herbal ingredients include – that’s right, I haven’t expected any side effects such as headaches, depression, an upset stomach etc.
  • Absolutely no side effects!
  • Very easy to use – just slap one patch to your body (I slapped it onto the abdomen area, just above my inguinal region) and forgot about it for 72 hours. Just like with an adhesive plaster, it’s very easy to use and discreet.
  • 100% Money back

maxiderm patch review

Click here to get MaxiDerm Patch

Why I have been disappointed with Maxiderm patch

  • First disappointment – the price!
  • First of all, it is necessary to mention that I’ve purchased 3 boxes of MaxiDerm for $154.95 which was meant for 3 months. And that was my first disappointment.

    On their website you can find that it is “amazingly inexpensive” however Vimax as well as ProEnhance patches are cheaper than MaxiDerm. Price per MaxiDerm box is the most expensive when compared with other popular patches. These other providers usually offer a great selection of bonuses, MaxiDerm does not offer anything similar (Which is also my second disappointment).

  • Second disappointment – lack of bonuses and special offers
  • As opposed to the MaxiDerm patch, the ProEnhance patch provides so much interesting bonuses as well as discounts and special offers. When purchasing ProEnhance you will receive member’s access to their men only area which include a ton of theme articles and product reviews, a special enhancement exercise course, free consultations and a member’s forum where you can ask your questions and share results with other men.

    They also include a free box of ProSolution pills and VolumePills to your 5 month supply order. MaxiDerm won’t give you ANY extras! No free bonus gifts, no member’s only area access, no enlargement exercises, nothing! ProEnhance provides over $350 bonus value whereas the Maxiderm bonus value is only $20.

  • My third disappointment – poor after sale support and non-availability of online live chat or online support forum
  • On the Maxiderm website you will only be able to find a “order now” phone number and no emails or phone numbers that you can reach for any problems or concerns you might have. But they have standard form where you can select the subject of your email inquiry from the list if you have a question.

My conclusion

I used the MaxiDerm patch for a period of 3 months and did get some fairly good results from it but at the same time I could not say that I was amazed with the results. I didn’t notice any additional inches in length or girth but I have to admit that I did have a stronger erection, more powerful orgasms, a better control over my orgasms and a lot more sperm when I ejaculated. MaxiDerm patch was comfortable, discreet and overall very good to use. But I will not buy the MaxiDerm patch again, I would be better off by purchasing one more box of ProEnhance patches.

Hope my MaxiDerm review will help you to make your final decision; maybe you will experience better results. It is absolutely normal as all supplements work different for different men and their body. It depends on many factors, I just wrote my independent MaxiDerm patch review based on my personal experiences.

Click here for MaxiDerm Patch official website

p.s. Please also read my Vimax patch review as well as ProEnhance penis enlargement patch review as well as their comparative analysis.


This is a ProEnhance Patch Review, click the link below if you need:

It is always questionable what penis enlargement method is the best but when you have already determined that you prefer to try patches it is still complicated to figure out which exact patch will satisfy your needs. I tested and analyzed the ProEnhance patch system for your convenience. I hope that my ProEnhance Patch Review will help you to make your final decision.proenhance patch review

When you have concluded that a male enhancement patch is exactly what you need a good question to ask is yourself is what enlargement patch is the best for me? The first patch you should consider is Pro Enhance – one of the highest quality, top of the line and extremely complete penis enlargement patch systems. The first reason is that there are some incontestable advantages to this system:


  • Great alternative to male enhancement pills – ProEnhance’s unique deep penetrating patch technology is based on new developments in transdermal researches
  • Only natural herbal ingredients include – no synthetic or chemical ingredients are included.
  • NO negative side effects
  • Purchasing ProEnhance you get not just a box with patches but a complete male enhancement system! This system includes special enlargement exercises, an online workout guide and many other benefits. On top of everything they provide free access to other useful enhancement resources such as Volume Pills or ProSolution Pills.
  • As opposed to other enlargement patches you don’t need to use a new one every day. Thanks to this highly concentrated and powerful patch you only have to think about applying a patch on your skin every 3 days.
  • Overdose is absolutely impossible – because all active ingredients enter to your bloodstream gradually – this is the best advantage of transdermal technology
  • ProEnhancement is producing in USA and approved by Good Manufacturing Practice regulations – which are used by pharmaceutical, medical device and food manufacturers as they produce and test products that people use
  • Absolutely no one will surmise that you buy and use patches
  • Absolutely discreet and safe from the first step – purchasing patches to the final step – great enlargement results
  • Money back – 60 days risk free money back guarantee

proenhance patch review

Click here to get ProEnhance Patch

Each product has disadvantages of course and during my research of ProEnhance I discovered the following disadvantages.

ProEnhance disadvantages

  • An advantage of a trans-dermal drug delivery route over other types such as oral is that it provides a controlled release of the medicament into the patient’s organism
    A disadvantage to this development however, stems from the fact that the skin is a very effective barrier. Some men claimed that patches work much worse beside enlargement pills however I interpret this as subjective perception.
  • Price
    In spite of the excellent 24/7 after sales support and the 60 days money back guarantee they offer, the price per pack could be a bit expensive. However in case of Pro Enhancement you can be assured that this patch does really work and you’ll see positive results within a couple of weeks for sure. On top of this they also offer special bonuses. And it is much cheaper to purchase VIP, Elite or Deluxe packages for 5, 6 months or even a one year supply. The more you order the more bonuses you’ll get. I guess that the free boxes of ProSulution pills and Volume pills that will be included make the deal a whole lot better since these are worth quite a bit.

The Conclusion

To sum up this ProEnhance Patch Review it is necessary to mention that less than two percent of customers asked for refunds. This statistic must mean something. This enlargement patch works as a good help for men who need enhancement. There is nothing to be ashamed of and because of the new technologies and research in the male enhancement sector, patches that really work, like the ProEnhance patches, are available now for men all over the world for a very reasonable price and their effectiveness is a proven fact.

Click here for ProEnhance Patch official website


This is a Male Extra review, click below if you need:

Update ()

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from site’s visitors about MaleExtra. All mentioned that results are outstanding! So decided to give “The Best Pill Award – Customer’s choice”!

best pill award - customer's choice

This MaleExtra review was written in order to help men who follow the recent developments and latest technology of the male enhancement industry.

Maleextra reviewHere you can look at a new male enhancement product, learn more about advantages and disadvantages of the product, and find answers to many questions you might have concerning this product, such as:

  • Does MaleExtra really work?
  • What kind of new ingredients does it have?
  • What is the difference between Male Extra and other enlargement pills and capsules?
  • Is MaleExtra a SCAM or it worth your time and money

I recommend you DO NOT BUY this system until you read my MaleExtra pills review.

Have you ever heard about the Male Extra penis enlargement system? I think that the answer is NO because this is an absolutely new and unique penile enhancement program based on top quality ingredients developed recently and up-to-date enlargement technologies.

First of all, I should admit that it is an absolutely new enlargement system which includes male enhancement pills and course special exercises. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Many popular enlargement pills such as VigRX, ProSolution and others offer the same program, but what is the difference?

The recent development of Male Extra consists of a brand new and patented formula which has never been used by others before. The secret ingredient is pomegranate which is known as a natural Viagra for many years.

maleextra review

Scientific research and development activities in the male enhancement industry proved that pure, highly concentrated (70%) Pomegranate with the unique combination of other organic components could become a basis of a proven male enhancement formula that gives you extreme results in penis enlargement and ones overall sexual health.

Prior to writing this MaleExtra pills review I compared MaleExtra to other enlargement pills and picked out some advantages and disadvantages of this new system.


  • Absolutely new, unique and patented formula – pills consist of a blend of ingredients which have never been used for the creation of other enhancement pills
  • Ingredients guarantee a faster, longer, harder erection and ejaculation control
  • NO negative side effects whatsoever
  • Fast visible results – up to three inches in penis length and girth
  • Suit for men of all ages – you can stop taking pills after you achieve your desired penis size
  • 90 pills/per one box – the amount of pills in one box is more than any other companies offer
  • Clear and full list of ingredients – you can see what exactly is included in the pills and in what amount
  • Free shipping – within USA, EUROPE and all over the world
  • Money back – Absolutely risk free, 3 month money back guarantee
  • Absolutely discreet – double pack included
  • Discount – Check the link below for discount code (limited time offer)

As other products, all male enhancement systems and pills have downsides, and MaleExtra is not the exception to the rule.


  • This product is brand new on the market, so someone may rate it as a disadvantage
    However, there are so many men that have already tested MaleExtra personally and were impressed with the final results. But it is not a reason to rely on someone’s words, ask them as many question as you may have by yourself! Don’t forget to read customer testimonials either.
  • Price
    It could make someone think that pills are bit expensive, 56.76 euro per month supply, but do not forget that there are more pills included in 1 pack than others offer. Plus you can save more if you purchase a 4, 6 or 12 month supply. 6 and 12 month supply includes courses of enhancement exercises and lots of other bonuses such as Vit5 Essential Male Nutrients, a Massage DVD and many others. Let’s also not forget about the free shipping they offer!


If you are not sure about the long course or would like to try if this system fits all your needs and requirements, I recommend you to start with a 2 month supply course which includes a pack of Male Extra enlargement pills for 2 months, Penis Health online access and a Penis Health DVD with special male enlargement exercises.

Click here for MaleExtra official website. Get a 25% discount instanly. Limited time offer!

I hope that you’ve found MaleExtra reviews helpful!


Important update on: :
I do not recommend to use Magna RX due to a lot of bad feedback

Click to see the VigRX Plus Review

Winner Of “The Best Male Enhancement Pill” is:
VigRX Plus
This is the best pill by my experience. If you’re going to try anything, this is it.

Magna RX male enhancement pill reviewIf you have never heard about Magna RX, well you must be newcomer or just started to learn about male enhancement and particularly enlargement pills. Magna RX becomes a real salvation to many men with smaller than average penis size all over the world. It is the most well-known brand and the oldest company on the enhancement market.

But DO NOT BUY this enlargement pills until you read our full and honest Magna RX male enhancement pill review and especially, DISADVANTAGES section!

Magna RX+™ was developed by high-qualified doctor and urologist more that 10 years ago, it is one of the first natural penis enlargement pills contain of only scientifically tested and clinically proven herbal ingredients which solve many sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, not hard erection and others plus they increase men’s sexual confidence, sexual performance and enlarge penis size.


  • Magna RX all natural ingredients – enlarge penis size naturally
  • One of the oldest brand in male enhancement industry – tested by hundreds of thousands of men worldwide
  • Clinically proven and medically tested – developed by urologist
  • Permanent results
  • Effective in intense erections – increase blood flow in Corpora Cavernosa, it also helps to gain multiple orgasms and bigger ejaculation volumes
  • Fair price – cheaper than analogous enlargement pills

Of course there are some disadvantages has been found by Magna RX customers.


  • BE WARE TO BUY Magna RX penis enlargement pills from unknown resellers or suspicious website! As you can imagine, there are a lot of unfair vendors who cares only about their profit, not your health and satisfaction! No wonder that you can find very different prices from a couple of bucks to even hundreds per one bottle. So be extra cautious and check seller’s authenticity and reputability before purchasing. Do not let somebody make you deceived. Make sure that everything is open and aboveboard, that you do not buy sugar capsules instead of enlargement pills. CERTIFIED, RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY Magna RX OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
  • There is no special male enhancement exercises course that you could perform as a complex of penile enlarging program. It is a proven fact that pills work better in complex with other systems, such as exercises, traction devices, patches etc. Specialists strongly recommend combining pills with male enhancement exercises for better results.
  • Bad support – it can take ages until you get a reply from their support staff
  • Money back? Never heard of! If you would like to get your many back this could be an issue as well since there’s no good support.


The Conclusion

If you dream of having bigger penis size, long and hard erection, need to feel more self-confident about the size, if getting pleasure of normal sexual relationship with women is a problem for you it is a good reason to start using male enhancement pills.

What exactly pills you will choose – it depends on your personal needs and requirements. I do not recommend you to prefer Magna RX over another enlargement pill, such as VigRX or ProSolution.

Of course they all have advantages and disadvantages, that’s why you should learn as much as possible about each product you select. The best advice that i can give you – read as many reviews as possible.

There’s no such thing as a perfect product – but Magna RX has some series disadvantages like lack of support and money back difficulties.

And that is why i wrote this Magna RX male enhancement pill review as a helper for man who takes care of his health and not indifferent to please and satisfy to sexual partner.

Well, the biggest problem you could experience after taking enhancement pill is that your old pants will be a bit tight for your penis. But isn’t it a good feeling? Sore it is! But let’s face it – unfortunately Magna RX will not help you to get a bigger size. Period.


This is a Vimax review, click below if you need:

vimax pill review

This honest Vimax pills review was written in order to help those men who are interested in Vimax, and want to know whether it really works or whether Vimax is a SCAM.

If you are one of those men who decided to learn more about male enhancement pills, you must have heard about popular enhancement brands such as VigRX or ProSolution. Well, Vimax is another same quality product which helps men all over the world to enlarge their penis size and improve their overall sexual health.

Is Vimax the best male enhancement pill? It is a well-known brand in male enhancement industry that’s for sure. The medical company that produces Vimax is trustworthy and reliable and over a million satisfied customers confirm this fact. Their pharmaceutical researches have been attested by professional doctors and urologists etc. The company uses up-to-date scientific and clinical methods to create their enlargement products.

Vimax is not just a box with pills, their system include the following products: Vimax Extender (patented PE device, safe and painless), Vimax penis enlargement pills (one of top 3 most effective enlargement pills available today), Vimax liquid RX (sexual performance booster) and Vimax Enlargement exercises. You may choose to use one special product or purchase and try the full-blown Vimax system.


vimax pills review

In this Vimax review I’ll talk about Vimax enlargement pills. As other enlargement products they have advantages and disadvantages. I’ve done some research, asked men who have already purchased Vimax about their thoughts on this matter and tried Vimax myself, compared customer’s feedback, screened through enhancement forums and other resources and compiled important facts that you should know before purchasing Vimax enlargement pills.

First of all, I selected essential advantages of this enlargement pill.


  • All natural ingredients – absolutely safe for your health
  • Fast results – visible effect in length and girth after a couple of months
  • NO side effects
  • Permanent results – you can stop taking pills after achieved desired penis size
  • Works alone and as a complex – with another enhancement products
  • Fair price – cheaper than analogous enlargement pills
  • 24/7 support and online live chat – where you can ask as many questions as you have
  • Money back – 100% money back guarantee. Just fill out the form and request a refund


  • You can think that the price is a bit high but the truth is that many enlargement analogs do not guarantee permanent results.
    They work until you take pills regularly and lose effect when discontinue taking them. But Vimax guarantee that you’ll achieve permanent result and it will not disappear after a couple of months.
  • There are not many places where you can buy Vimax.
    This product is not for sale everywhere, the only source where you can purchase Vimax pills is at the official website. For some reason people could appraise this factor as a downside but actually it is much more secure to purchase products from an official vendor that is reputable and trustworthy. For you, as a customer this means that the company is responsible for their product and that you will not be fooled or scammed by a reseller with no conscious.

Vimax review – The Conclusion

It must be a bit complicated to decide which product really does work, which enlargement product will work best for you and where to buy cheap and safe male enlargement pills.

It could be tough to collect absolutely credible information about each enlargement product, moreover when there are over a hundred brands being promoted and advertised all over the Internet, magazines and TV.

And of course you understand that a huge percentage of them are fraud or failed attempts to achieve the results that penis enlargement pills are known for.

In order to be able to identify safe and inexpensive enlargement pill on the market, it will be good for you to look for certain factors and indicators which guarantee that a brand is trustworthy, reliable, and of course effective in solving sexual problems. It is normal to collect as much information as possible concerning each selected enlargement product and read other Vimax reviews. That’s why my Vimax review should be a good guide for potential customers.

Please also read my “Enlargement pill SCAM” article, it will help you to protect yourself from insecure actions before purchasing any kind of male enhancement product.

Click here for Vimax Pills official website


This is a ExtenZe pills review, click below if you need:


I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from site’s visitors about ExtenZe. All mentioned that results are outstanding! So decided to give “The Best Pill Award – Customer’s choice”!

best pill award - customer's choice

I wrote this ExtenZe review as a help to everyone who would like to know more about the pills offered by ExtenZe Plus and for those men who want to know if ExtenZe is a SCAM.

extenze reviewWhat is the best, most effective and recommended male enhancement pill? Every man who cares about health and effectiveness would like to know the answer to this question.

But the truth is that there is no single and simple answer because all people are different. Why I wrote this ExtenZe review you may ask? Well, it is really important to help people set up their personal opinion and assessment of the product based on compiled facts and tests.

This review should help you find answers to the following questions:

  • Is Extenze effective in male enhancement?
  • Is it worth my time and money?
  • Does ExtenZe work and what do I do if it is not as effective as promised?
  • Is Extenze a SCAM?
  • Are Results Permanent?

And many other reasonable questions that you should ask before purchasing and taking enlargement pills.

I’ve decided to test Extenze Personally and bought 6 months supply

Almost 90% of all enlargement pills share a similar functional concept based on the included ingredients but some of them have special nutrients and blend of components which are renowned for boosting your libido; improving your sex drive, increasing your blood flow and enhancing your semen.

Extenze is not an exception when it comes to penis enlargement pills that really work. It works as a blood flow stimulator that makes the most of your natural potential. As a result of forcing more blood flow into your penis chambers the penis cells stretch and enlargement becomes possible.

extenze review

But what is the difference between Extenze pills and other enlargement pills? Extenze is a male enhancement pill known by distinctive features and components. These special ingredients have influence on the male hormone called testosterone.

This male pro-hormonal sexual nutrition supplement is designed to avoid the undesired and anabolic muscle building effects, and will optimize the sexual benefits of natural pro-hormones and pro-sexual nutrients.

In other words, these pills help your own body to produce an optimal and normal level of your own testosterone. It works not just like enlargement supplement but as sexual energy and overall sexual health improvement.

Actually all the information I’ve listed above can be easily found at ExtenZe official website, my personal experience is – Extenze works, but it doesn’t work better than VigRX Plus or even Male Extra.

In my ExtenZe review I singled out some advantages and disadvantages of these enlargement pills.


  • Works a bit different than other similar enlargement products
  • Manufacturer declare it’s safeness and effectiveness due to the natural enhancing nutrients
  • I personally experienced NO side effects
  • Increasing results within a couple of months both in length and girth
  • Improve sexual energy and overall sexual health
  • 5 years on the enhancement market, clinically tested and medically proven pills
  • Money back – They claim 100% money back guarantee, but I didn’t request a refund, have no idea how it works with Extenze


  • The main disadvantage of Extenze I discovered is that there is no specially developed enlargement exercise program available with pills. Usually it is not a big deal to find proper enlargement exercise program online but it is always a plus to sell pills and exercise course as a complex.
  • Another disadvantage of Extenze is that there are so many resellers offer this product. And prices could be very different! Moreover, there are so many unreliable and untrustworthy websites with Extenze Reviews, buying from them could become a real problem. Beware to buy ExtenZe enlargement pills from unauthorized sellers! Make sure that you purchase the real deal, not a box with unknown pills inside from a so called “OFFICIAL” website!


The main questions that you will ask me is: So did ExtenZe help me to enlarge my penis?

I’ll tell you – many other reviews say that the Extenze Results are permanent however I can’t affirm that. I’ve reached about an inch in girth and almost inch in length after taking it for 6 months. But after 6 months taking Extenze I decided to try VigRx Plus instead and results were more than impressive!

The most “bribe” benefit is the price. Extenze is one of the cheapest male enhancement pills that is available in the market nowadays. But I would recommend you not to save a couple of bucks on your health and purchase something more effective and trustworthy. Please read my VigRX Plus reviews for more info.

Today more and more men come to the conclusion that male enhancement is something to think about. And there are so many options available to naturally enhance their penis size safely, permanently and without risk. Using male enhancement pills and doing PE exercises is one of the best solutions to achieve results.

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Whatever pills you will choose remember that your health is the most important thing. Read the ingredient’s list carefully, find out if there are any side effects. Make sure that the pill you about to take is 100% natural!!

Please note

To get the best results possible please use male enhancement exercises and take pills at the same time. As mentioned above, Extenze doesn’t provide such program as a bonus. So..

Here’s what I did. I’ve created my own Male Enhancement Exercises eBook. I’ve spent almost 6 months doing a research and writing it!

These Exercises will help you to get the best and the fastest results and more importantly – these results are permanent.

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This is a review of ProSolution pills, click below if you are looking for:

Updated on

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from site’s visitors about ProSolution. All mentioned that results are outstanding! So decided to give “The Best Pill Award – Customer’s choice”!

best pill award - customer's choice

I wrote this ProSolution review for those men who want to know if ProSolution is a SCAM or if those pills do really work for male enhancement. After reading my ProSolution review you’ll learn more about advantages and disadvantages of this enlargement system and why i have been DISAPPOINTED.

Please DO NOT BUY these tabs until you read my Pro Solution review!!!

I have used many other products but almost all of them were just a waste of time. Results I gained have been minimal and negligible. A good friend of mine offered me to try these specific pills.

As you can imagine I was very skeptical about this as there are TONS of similar pills for sale all over the net and all of them claim that their enhancement pill is the best. The Internet is full of fake penis enlargement pills, capsules, supplements and other goods which promise you amazing results but they can give you nothing but frustration and burn a hole in your pocket.

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Nevertheless, I’ve purchased ProSolution and tested it personally. I decided to give it a try as they were advised by my old buddy. This review is for men like me who are wondering “Why I should consider getting Pro Solution pills?”

prosolution review

Goals I wanted to achieve after taking these capsules

Well, I set the following real goals for me and for Pro Solution. My penis size is not short in length and I’m OK with my 6.8 inches but my penis girth was far from ideal! First of all, I needed to enlarge the thickness of my penis.

Then I felt that it was necessary to perform better in the bed, increase stamina, make my erection harder and last longer plus being able to control ejaculations.

The main questions I asked were: Does this System really work for me? Is this for real? Should I spend my money on this pill? What can it do for me? Is ProSolution a SCAM? I can tell you that I’ve got answers to my questions and now I’m ready to share them with you.

Results after two weeks

After the first 2 weeks of using capsules I noticed that the erection of my penis became much harder and firmer! I was very impressed as I have never achieved such visible results when taking other enhancement supplements.

But I still felt myself having to work hard to maintain my erections, I needed to get a hard erection in a short period of time. I decided to continue the experiment. I’ve purchased Pro Solution Gel in addition to the capsules and I started doing special enlargement exercises such as Jelquing and Kegels.

Now after 5 months I can say that the thickness of my penis increased by almost two inches! I also noticed that my flaccid penis also looks much bigger in length! According to measurements, I have 7.4 inches in length! I didn’t even expect that it could be possible.


I’m assured that these tabs do really work for me! I sorted out some advantages that I think are very important:

  • Only natural ingredients – Pills and Gel contain absolutely natural top of the line quality herbal ingredients.
  • No side effects – I didn’t notice any kind of side effects at all, no headaches, no stomach aches, noting!
  • Pills are clinically tested and medically proven
  • Ultra fast results – Visible results after a short period of time
  • For men only web access – After purchasing this system you’ll get access to an adult site with free videos from a selection of adult entertainment plus erotic movies, erotic stories, sexy models and other sex guide instructional DVDs. Online membership allows you to see how to maintain penis enlargement exercises, read articles and reviews about male enhancement absolutely FREE! They also provide after-sales member support service where you can get tips on how to get further gains in male enhancement.
  • Very reasonable price
  • Money back – 100% money back guarantee


Why I have been DISAPPOINTED

  • I feel really disappointed about not having tried ProSolution earlier.
    I have seen many commercial systems from other companies and they all promise changes in a short period of time, but if it works perfect why should you risk using others?


When you buy ProSolution it doesn’t mean you buy just a box with magic pills! You purchase a complete system which works as a complex solution for male enhancement. You’ll never gain magnificent results by just taking pills! As for me, ProSolutions worked perfect!

I still keep on taking pills, using ProSolution Gel and doing enlargement exercises not for enlarging my penis size (I’m satisfied with the size I have now, even more than I could ever hoped and imagined) but for keeping overall sexual health and permanent results. If you are thinking of trying a performance product but don’t know which one to choose – This System is what I recommend to my friends.

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This is a review of VigRx plus pills, click below if you are looking for:

I wrote this VigRx plus Review help to everyone who would like to know more about the pills offered by VigRx Plus and for those men who want to know if VigRx plus is a SCAM. If you are interested in male enhancement you must have done some research and have already heard about VigRx.

Common questions that people usually ask are: What’s that? How does it work? vigrx plus reviews

I’ve purchased VigRx and decided to test it personally order to be able to find out if it works or if everything they promise are lies. From my VigRx plus Review you’ll learn about advantages and disadvantages of this enhancement system and why i have been DISAPPOINTED. Read the review and determine by yourself if you need to buy VigRX pills or not according to my own tests.

First of all, I have to admit that my penis size was far away from the ideal, so it wasn’t something I could be proud of. This was a huge problem for me since my 18th which is when I realized that it will not going to be larger. This problem gave me something to think about, so one day, I realized that I had to change the situation. I purchased penis enlargement exercises programs and started doing enhancement workouts every day.

After a couple of months I gained visible and stable results but still wanted to reach more. 4 months ago I’ve bought VigRX complex to check if their pills would help me to enlarge my penis size. Now I decided to write this VigRx plus Review to share my progress with you.

vigrx plus review

The positive effects:

Well, I found out that VigRX pill should help me to enlarge my penis size by increasing the blood flow to my penis, without increasing my heart beat or blood pressure. They also claim that VigRX pills will improve my potency, make my erection harder and longer. I should also get a better ejaculation control, more powerful orgasms and overall penile health but I counted these promises as additional bonuses.

What I desired most of all is to enlarge my penis size. Of course I knew that ingredients included in pills are absolutely natural and that no synthetic, refined or other harmful components which could cause any side effects are included. I decided to give VigRx plus pills a try.

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So, what I’ve got after 4 months of taking VigRXPlus:

Believe me or not, but I was very surprised with my measurements! Only after 2 months of taking pills my penis enlarged not very big in length but I was amazed with another very important thing! I’ve noticed that my erected penis became bigger in girth! I was very enthusiastic about the achieved results and continued to take capsules.

Now I have been taking them for 4 months already and I think my penis is exactly as big as I wanted it to be. It’s 6.3 inches long and almost 5.5 inches thick! Can you imagine that it was only 4.8 inches when I started doing special penile enhancement exercises and taking pills! Moreover, I’ve noticed that after taking VigRX capsules my sperm quantity also increased.

I didn’t know what effect it could entail but now my wife is 8 weeks pregnant! We are SO happy! This finally happened after 2 years of trying without any results!


  • VIGRX Side Effects? – No negative side effects! Absolutely natural components!
  • Visible results in a short period of time
  • Clinically tested and medically proven
  • Money back – 100% money back guarantee

Why I have been DISAPPOINTED

  • The only reason of my disappointment is that penile enhancement exercises which are also included in the package are not very expanded and individualized.

    They provide very superficial knowledge about general enlargement exercises.

Here’s what I did. I’ve created my own Male Enhancement Exercises eBook. I’ve spent almost 6 months doing a research and writing it!

These Exercises will help you to get the best and the fastest results and more importantly – these results are permanent.

Now it’s available to my subscribers’ list FREE OF CHARGE!

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My conclusion

For those who are concerned about price, I personally recommend to purchase the Gold, Platinum or Diamond package to save money. I think that a 5 or 6 months supply would be enough to make certain whether or not VigRX plus works for.

You may think that it is a bit expensive to pay $329.99 for a 5 months package but the results I’ve gained are worth every dollar I spent. According to VigRx Plus official site they have a 67 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, just ask your money back.

It was a great experiment and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results. I have been looking for permanent enlargement options, but I gained much more than I could even imagine.

The length of my penis increased by 1.5 inches and the thickness increased as well. I feel more convinced in bed, I have better ejaculation control, my erection is harder than before and my wife is pregnant, so what else could I wish for?

For outstanding results, decided to give VigRXPlus “The Best Pill Award” and “The Best Value For the Money Award”:

vigrx plus reviewvgrx plus reviews

I’m very excited about VigRX because of the results I personally experienced. I hope that my VigRx plus Review will help you to make a final decision.

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