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I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from site’s visitors about MaleExtra. All mentioned that results are outstanding! So decided to give “The Best Pill Award – Customer’s choice”!

best pill award - customer's choice

This MaleExtra review was written in order to help men who follow the recent developments and latest technology of the male enhancement industry.

Maleextra reviewHere you can look at a new male enhancement product, learn more about advantages and disadvantages of the product, and find answers to many questions you might have concerning this product, such as:

  • Does MaleExtra really work?
  • What kind of new ingredients does it have?
  • What is the difference between Male Extra and other enlargement pills and capsules?
  • Is MaleExtra a SCAM or it worth your time and money

I recommend you DO NOT BUY this system until you read my MaleExtra pills review.

Have you ever heard about the Male Extra penis enlargement system? I think that the answer is NO because this is an absolutely new and unique penile enhancement program based on top quality ingredients developed recently and up-to-date enlargement technologies.

First of all, I should admit that it is an absolutely new enlargement system which includes male enhancement pills and course special exercises. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Many popular enlargement pills such as VigRX, ProSolution and others offer the same program, but what is the difference?

The recent development of Male Extra consists of a brand new and patented formula which has never been used by others before. The secret ingredient is pomegranate which is known as a natural Viagra for many years.

maleextra review

Scientific research and development activities in the male enhancement industry proved that pure, highly concentrated (70%) Pomegranate with the unique combination of other organic components could become a basis of a proven male enhancement formula that gives you extreme results in penis enlargement and ones overall sexual health.

Prior to writing this MaleExtra pills review I compared MaleExtra to other enlargement pills and picked out some advantages and disadvantages of this new system.


  • Absolutely new, unique and patented formula – pills consist of a blend of ingredients which have never been used for the creation of other enhancement pills
  • Ingredients guarantee a faster, longer, harder erection and ejaculation control
  • NO negative side effects whatsoever
  • Fast visible results – up to three inches in penis length and girth
  • Suit for men of all ages – you can stop taking pills after you achieve your desired penis size
  • 90 pills/per one box – the amount of pills in one box is more than any other companies offer
  • Clear and full list of ingredients – you can see what exactly is included in the pills and in what amount
  • Free shipping – within USA, EUROPE and all over the world
  • Money back – Absolutely risk free, 3 month money back guarantee
  • Absolutely discreet – double pack included
  • Discount – Check the link below for discount code (limited time offer)

As other products, all male enhancement systems and pills have downsides, and MaleExtra is not the exception to the rule.


  • This product is brand new on the market, so someone may rate it as a disadvantage
    However, there are so many men that have already tested MaleExtra personally and were impressed with the final results. But it is not a reason to rely on someone’s words, ask them as many question as you may have by yourself! Don’t forget to read customer testimonials either.
  • Price
    It could make someone think that pills are bit expensive, 56.76 euro per month supply, but do not forget that there are more pills included in 1 pack than others offer. Plus you can save more if you purchase a 4, 6 or 12 month supply. 6 and 12 month supply includes courses of enhancement exercises and lots of other bonuses such as Vit5 Essential Male Nutrients, a Massage DVD and many others. Let’s also not forget about the free shipping they offer!


If you are not sure about the long course or would like to try if this system fits all your needs and requirements, I recommend you to start with a 2 month supply course which includes a pack of Male Extra enlargement pills for 2 months, Penis Health online access and a Penis Health DVD with special male enlargement exercises.

Click here for MaleExtra official website. Get a 25% discount instanly. Limited time offer!

I hope that you’ve found MaleExtra reviews helpful!

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June 7, 2010

maan @ 1:07 pm #

hi there

i have put my order for male extra and i have got the user name and password to track down the orders but how can i check where is my order. please reply with answer.

June 8, 2010
June 29, 2010

Joey P @ 10:44 pm #

How do i take Male Extra since the powder is in a plastic capsule?

Joey P @ 11:26 pm #

I apologize. Is there a specific way I take the pill since the powder is in plastic capsule. And I don’t know if I take the whole capsule or remove the plastic capsule and put the powder in my mouth.

Thank you for your reply.

July 29, 2010
August 2, 2010

ALKA @ 11:49 am #

how to have this medcine? having one tablet wil have effect?

August 3, 2010
August 11, 2010

daniel @ 12:18 am #

i am 19 still living at home, how does this arrive i dont want the world to see what i have ordered i wish it to be secret obviously does it come in a box with no sort of logos or anything on it.

Also how do you take the MaleExtra ?

mic @ 1:16 pm #

Hey Andy, i too am not sure on how to take the use the pills… Should I release the powder out of the capsule?

August 22, 2010

Jay @ 7:47 pm #

Are the pills safe? obviously they are but im just concerned that it may hurt as the penis stretches? have any customers had complaints about pain? I would imagine that if the blood was forcing your skin to stretch that it would be uncomfortable? thanks

August 25, 2010
August 27, 2010

West @ 9:18 am #

How can i buy in dubai?
Is there a dealer or agent?

September 8, 2010

joe @ 1:08 am #

Hi Andy have you taken the pills yourself? And if so how are the effects of this pill and the enlargements you have acquired?

September 10, 2010
September 12, 2010

jon @ 8:19 am #

can u mail in a box with just my name so no one will kno

ronald @ 11:12 am #

Hi folks,

I use male extra now for 2 months and i must say i can’t see the promised results. i’ve reached about 0.30inch in lenght but my girth is absolute more massive.

I do the stretching exercise about every day and when i shower i use a pump for +/- 8 minutes

But i’ve ordered a 12 month supply and hope i can add at least 1 inch in lenght. and more girth because that’s what i want from male extra not so much the lenght ( but hey i won’t complain ). but i don’t believe in 3inch or more in lenght. Girth seems possible. male extra also gives me a rock hard erection and it looks like i shoot more semen to so that’s also a plus.

i have used extenze and vigrx plus to but i feel and saw that male extra does more for me.

does anyone also got more girth then lenght first?


September 15, 2010
September 17, 2010

Mick @ 12:44 am #

I just visited the PenisHealth website and they state that the penis health programme can give you a penis enlargement of up to 3inches which is what male extra promises, however, why should I buy these pills if i could just buy the dvd and get the same results for cheaper? In what way do the pills contribute to enlarging the penis if its mainly to do with the penis health programme?

Mick @ 12:47 am #

as i went to order there it gave me a choice between royal mail (free) and DHL (approximately £13) delivery, will it be discreet packaging through royal mail too?

September 19, 2010

resa @ 8:04 pm #

Discreet packing whether the party with the customs in my country will not unload the goods? or would be taxable? because the price of more than 50 usd (if i choose 3 pack) Can Shipper only write the price below 50 USD in that invoice?

September 20, 2010

resa @ 6:46 pm #

is the maleextra have a contact email?? because i try to ask direct but i dont know where…. I try use contact us on that maleextra website but until now is not respond.. thanks

resa @ 6:53 pm #

What happens if I only drink pills only? whether the penis will also be enlarged and elongated even without do exercise on that dvd? btw thanks for promotional code..

resa @ 9:20 pm #

confusing to choose MaleExtra or VIGRX plus or something else.. Please recomend from u, sir… for the Best result of course…. I want to try 3 – 4 month….

September 21, 2010

Mick @ 9:50 pm #


September 23, 2010

resa @ 6:51 pm #

i am already try an MaleExtra for 3 months.. no i wait the package come into my home..

September 24, 2010

Mick @ 4:07 pm #

how would this product affect me in terms of the random erections.I am currently at college nd it would be quite embarassing if it causes erections at random times as there is basicaly viagara in the tablets? thanks

October 4, 2010

abdulrahman @ 6:52 pm #

can i take the male extra any time i want ? imean if i completed my 6 months could i take it again ?
and is there a limited size for penis and pills cant do anything more after that


October 6, 2010
April 2, 2011

Jamal Nasir @ 10:32 am #

@Andy Ramirez:

Can you let me know where MaleExtra is avialable in Pakistan , I have ED problem and wanna take it , I don’t have credit card to order online can you let me any other alternate source for it im 38 .

Waiting for a prompt response


April 4, 2011
October 6, 2010
October 8, 2010

alex @ 5:15 am #

hi my name is alex and i bought a 3 month supply of male extra today… does this come with exercises or do i have to look them up myself? and how do i track my order?

October 10, 2010

alex @ 6:14 pm #

i never got anything sent to my email… thats what im trying to figure out

October 11, 2010

alex @ 4:38 am #

and every time i call the hotline its like a bogus number that they give to make people think that they actually answer it when its been going straight to a machine every time… i just want to make sure that im going to get my product.

October 12, 2010

M @ 9:33 pm #

Please can you tell me how can I track my order. I have just made it, and I can’t see any link or received any confirmation via email.


October 13, 2010
October 17, 2010

little @ 3:06 am #

i wanted to know how many capsules you take a day.. do you take three at once and if so, do you have to take them at the same time every day or is it okay if you take them in the morning and the following day you take them at the afternoon

also i wanted to know, if you didnt do the excrises, does that mean your penis will not grow, or does it mean it will slow the growth of your penis??

many thanks


October 19, 2010
October 26, 2010

bobby @ 12:07 am #

hi, i have 3 questions,
1- are the effects permanent?
2- are there any long term side-effect(infertilitly or pain ect…)
3- do you ship to the UK

October 27, 2010

John @ 12:31 am #

Hey Andy,

How long time do i have to wait to get the product? i live in sweeden


John @ 12:34 am #

Another question, i do not really want some one knows that i am buying those pills.. what is your advice?

thanks again

John @ 10:14 pm #

umm yea i am just not sure about which product do i have to choose since some people tells that vigRx is good too. should i choose MaleExtra, or what do you recommend?


October 29, 2010
October 30, 2010

Ali @ 2:45 am #

Hi Andy, i am just curious about something.
Why do all people tell me that the products do not work?
i mean whereever i search on google i find the people telling ‘it’s scam’ or something
i am not talking about reveiws, i am talking about questions and answers.
Any idea? Thank you!

October 31, 2010
November 18, 2010

Jay @ 2:01 am #

Hey im just wondering personally what pill would you recommend as in the ebook you talk about taking vigRX whilst doing the exercises altho male extra seems to get good reviews. Are they both similar? which would you recommend? thanks

November 20, 2010
December 3, 2010

Ali @ 11:20 pm #

Hi Andy, i live in Norway
i tried to buy Male Extra product but the problem is ,, when i tried to fulfill the info. (Country) i found that there was not ‘Norway’ in the list. am i wrong or? i tried to send a message but no one answered.

December 4, 2010

Ali @ 12:04 am #

Another question, i saw that there was 25 procent discount. do i get discount automatically? i mean when you go to ‘buy now’ and look at the price, it is just the same.. Thanks again

December 5, 2010

Chris @ 1:41 pm #

Are the results of increasing the size permanent forever?

December 6, 2010
December 8, 2010

Kevin @ 3:27 pm #

Hi Andy<

Those it work for black men too?

December 10, 2010

Mike Stevens @ 12:27 pm #

Hey I’m 19 and i’ve looked all over the internet but couldn’t find this answer. I’m just curious what will show up on my billing statement. I kind of don’t want my parents to find my bill and see a $250 charge to Male extra lol.
thanks i appreciate it

December 13, 2010

Mike Stevens @ 12:13 am #

Hey Andy,

just one more question, how quickly did you see results? and are you still taking them?

December 14, 2010
December 17, 2010

SNOW @ 2:34 pm #

andy i have a long penis already and i wanted to know if i buy this product will it make my penis thick? i’m looking for a nick thickness that will make the ladies cry or feel like she’s dieing when i stick it in her

December 21, 2010
December 22, 2010

Joey Bal @ 2:01 am #

hey i got the performer 5 with the male extra in the 6 month package, i was just wondering if i take 3 pills of each everyday, or should i just take just one type of pill, dont exactly know how it works, if u could get back to me it would be much appreciated.

Peter @ 11:28 pm #

Hi Andy,

I took Vimax pills for 6 months, resulting with half an inch gain in length alone. I am interested in girth mainly. I understand you include exercises by subscribing to your newsletter. Can you post a link to your newsletter subscription?

About Malextra, I am currently on probation and need to avoid drug test violations. Do you know if by taking these pills it will result in a positive drug test?

December 23, 2010

Peter @ 4:24 pm #

I think I’m going to order 2 boxes of Vigrx Plus.

December 27, 2010
December 28, 2010

Peter @ 9:56 pm #

I want to improve girth. From your PE exercises, which is the best for girth? As far as pills are concerned, I returned to Vimax. I gained half an inch over a period of 6 months, I will continue more, what do you think? Like I said, I am mainly interested in girth.

December 31, 2010

Joey Bal @ 1:35 am #

hey andy

sry to bug u again but ive been doing the exercises for awhile now and i was just wondering how many days on and how many days off should i go for, the exercises that i do last about 30 min or so. like 3 days on 2 days off or what?

January 2, 2011
January 20, 2011

ehsan @ 2:46 pm #

hi andy
1 Question??

which is more effective for girth ?? and why??
vigrx plus or male extra??
have you ever tested maxmanII?

January 25, 2011

-V- @ 2:25 am #

Any plans to test out Longinexx ? supposed to be some revolution 😀
also.. When did U have all the Time to test All the products.. and if U test so much.. how can U be sure, which one is doing the actual work..

January 27, 2011

Mark Gabel @ 4:27 am #

I’m trying in place an order just for give a trying of male extra unfortunately they are restricted to shipped in many countries, but I’m happy with the pills what I’m using firminite…are working very well.

January 28, 2011
February 7, 2011

Anthony @ 5:49 pm #

About how many weeks of taking this product will you actual visible results?

February 10, 2011
March 31, 2011

Robert @ 4:13 pm #

Hi Andy!

I emailed maleextra several times through their website form but never got an answer.So could you give me maleextra support guys email as you contacted in the past?Thanks

April 4, 2011
April 23, 2013

Irving Williams @ 5:59 am #

Hello Andy Ramirez!

If you’re still answering questions, I just wanted to ask if there’s anything you should not eat, or drink while taking the pills?…..Also would you know if taking more than 3 of the Male Extra pills a day do any harm?

April 25, 2013
May 16, 2013

Nick @ 11:34 pm #

Does this product really increase length and size?
Just to be sure, I had to ask before buying this product.

May 18, 2013
September 30, 2013

jon @ 1:54 pm #

I want to order this product but im staying in UAE abu dhabi, is there a posible way to order online and is it not illegal here in UAE? if not how can i order can you please let me know.. Thank you

October 4, 2013

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