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As you know there are a hundred of different male enhancement pills available on the market nowadays. No wonder it is a bit hard to identify which pill works better and what exactly you need if you are interested in penis enlargement.

There are several groups of pills – enlargement pills, prescribed drugs, patches, volume pills etc. Semenax reckons among volume pills group and as you may have gathered from the name it helps to increase the volume of your ejaculations. semenax review

From my Semenax review you’ll learn more about this product, you will find out if Semenax really works, the advantages and disadvantages of using Semenax, possible side effects and how Semenax is different than other volume pills. So, DO NOT BUY Semenax until you read this Semenax review or learn more about this product at their official web site.

First of all what potential buyers should know is how Semenax work? You should also be aware of what you can expect from Semenax volume pills?

Of course, the main function of this product is to help men to increase semen volume up to twice the amount they previously had. But it also enhances the function of vital parts of a man’s reproductive system such as seminal vesicles, prostate, penis and testicles.

This male enhancement supplement works very simple – you take a Semenax pill once a day as a daily supplement, the active components included in the pills boost the tonus in all male sexual organs which are responsible for your orgasm and pleasure.

Why is it so important to produce more sperm? Well, the more semen a man produces the more sexual pleasure he gets. But most importantly, Semenax helps to improve the quality of semen, not just its volume.

Why you should increase the quality and quantity of healthy sperm in your ejaculation? Quality of sperm is really important, especially if you are aiming to conceive a baby. Your sperm quality is a guarantee of your wife’s pregnancy success. The more semen you can ejaculate the more sperm will be emitted and sent towards the woman’s ovaries and this increases the chances of fertility.

But is Semenax safe? What’s Semenax negative side effect?

There is absolutely nothing for men to worry about because all ingredients in this volume pill are absolutely natural – it consists only of herbs, minerals, and vitamins. Semenax is a blend of natural amino-acids, vitamins and herbal concentrates specifically chosen by team of doctors, herbalists and sexual health specialists.

The tests and medical researches prove that this product works as a stimulator for sexual activity, increases the ejaculation volume, the orgasm intensity and its duration, helps to experience harder and stronger erections and improves the sperm production and sperm quality. Absolutely all ingredients included in Semenax are natural – pumpkin seed, Swedish flowers, cranberry extract, Brazilian herb called Muira puama as well as Vitamin E and a special selection of amino-acids.

semenax review

To sum up let’s distinguish some of the volume pills benefits.

Semenax volume pill advantages

  • Only natural, specially selected herbal ingredients, vitamins and natural amino-acids
  • Produced by cGMP, a certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer, all ingredients pass special tests for purity prior to production and have Certificates of Analysis for any of the ingredients included that prove their freshness, safety, and potency. The pills are clinically tested and medically proven.

  • Due to semen quality improvement Semenax increases the chance of fertility as well as a chance to conceive a child.
  • If you want to have a baby, make sure that your wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnancy test will become positive very soon and wait no longer!

  • Increase sexual pleasure – intense orgasm by improving male sexual muscle groups’ health and their contraction
  • Increase volume of ejaculation – produce up to 300% more sperm volume
  • Boost your sexual self-confidence in bed
  • Helps to experience longer and harder erections
  • NO side effects!
  • Very reasonable price, lots of bonuses and discounts
  • 100% Money back – 67 days money back!!

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When purchasing Semenax you are absolutely protected that if this supplement for some reason does not work you can simply ask your money back. This is not a “newbie” on the enhancement pill market and they enjoy 10 years of reputation as a honest and trustworthy male enhancement products manufacturer.

A month supply box costs just $59.95 and since the Semenax Semenax official web site provides a 67 days money back guarantee it would be better to order 3 month’s supply and there is nothing to lose if you didn’t notice any results – it is absolutely risk free. Additionally, there are many bonuses and up to $320 discounts are available now.

Order 3 month’s supply for $154.95 and get free shipping and save $25. Do keep in mind that if you purchase a bigger supply you will receive more gifts and bonuses. Buy a one year supply of Semenax and receive a free bottle of VigRX enlargement pills, a free bottle of GenF20 human growth hormone, a free bottle of SemEnhance and a $25 discount card for any purchase in one of the better sex malls. Free express shipping is included of course.

Semenax disadvantages

  • As Semenax boosts the sperm count massively, it can be a bit confusing when your girlfriend sees the amount of semen
  • Some women say that they have never seen so much sperm at once. It could be a bit messy, remember about that! It’s not a real disadvantage; just make sure that you’ll be producing a huge amount when you ejaculate.

  • Make sure that you are not allergic on any kind of ingredient included!
  • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any side effect but check the full list of ingredients just in case. Find the list at Semenax’s official web site at the “Ingredients” section.

  • Semenax is only available online
  • It helps manufacturers keep their prices on their product low at the cost of waiting 2-3 days for the delivery of the product. However, ordering Semenax online is the safest and most discreet way to purchase male enhancement products.

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According to thousands satisfied customers and Semenax pill reviews that were written by men based on their personal experience, hundreds of testimonials which you can simply find on the web you can be assured that Semenax does really works as one of the best male enhancement volume pills.

Just make this supplement a part of your daily diet and follow up how Semenax works to increase the intensity of your orgasms, give a huge increase in semen release, improvemes your sex drive and overall male sexual health.

Of course, results may vary but you have nothing to lose, just give it a try and write your own Semenax review or testimonial and share with other men who do really care about sexual pleasure, surely you will be very satisfied with the results.

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October 24, 2010

Armand Hufault @ 1:30 am #

If Semenax works so well, whyy do I need the other products as free gifts??

December 17, 2010

Venkat @ 4:45 pm #

Hello Andy

First let me thank your for publishing detailed informatioin about semenax. Many Thanks

Currently I have sperm volume of 2.5 ml and sperm concentration of 5 millions/mL whereas 2 years back volumen was 5 mL and sperm concentration with 40 millions/mL.

Me and my wife were trying for a baby for almost 5 years but nothing worked out so far.

Please let me know how semenax will improve so that my sperm count can reach 40 millions with good motility and quality sperm
How many months of Semenax to be taken to have fruitful results?


December 21, 2010
January 23, 2011

Gregory @ 7:38 pm #

I understand you recommend at least a three month supply, but how long does this product take before the user starts to see and feel maximum results? If it is a daily supplement then it is meant to build-up in your body so some results will be apparent within a short time, but when do the BIG loads start comming?

January 27, 2011

Wendy Rosales Mamalias @ 5:32 am #

In my case, how many months should i take the semenax just to improve my very low sperm count and motility? Can i buy your products in the Mercury Drugs? I really need your advice and help…

January 28, 2011
February 4, 2011

Ant @ 7:42 am #

Hey Andy

im taking vigrx plus is it bad to mix 2 pills at the sametime for example vigrx and semenax?????

February 7, 2011
February 17, 2011

cal @ 12:06 pm #

It says to take three pills a day with semenax. do i take them all at once or at separate times? and Im also taking the vigrx pills also and it says take two each day. iv been taking all 5 at same time but not sure if thats correct way to be doing it.

February 25, 2011
March 14, 2011

Sachin @ 4:36 pm #

hi my sperm count is 62 ml/cmm and 75% are active, 25% are sluggish and 30% are dead.Should i go for senemax pills.??

March 16, 2011
March 17, 2011

Sachin @ 11:23 am #

Dear Andy

Thanks for your reply.I met the doctor but he told me that its a normal report and i need not to get panic and as i already discussed my sperm count report with you.Can u please tell me that either its normal report or not..?



March 22, 2011
April 6, 2011

Sachin @ 6:05 pm #

Dear Andy

Thanks alot for your suggestion.One more question i would like to ask..
I am already taking herbal medican i.e. Tablet virilex and cap semento. Can i take this medican along with semenax.??




April 8, 2011
March 28, 2011

Glenn @ 1:18 pm #

Is it possible to take Semenax and Super horny goat weed formula at a same day but different times?

March 30, 2011
April 7, 2011

nateking @ 3:55 am #

Hello Andy Ramirez,

My question to you is: Is it safe to take male enhancement pills (any of them) and Semen ax at the same time. Wont there be side effects.? Please advise as I am about to try using semenax with any other male enhancement pill.


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