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This is a Sinrex review, click below if you need:

What is the most effective pill for male enhancement? Is Sinrex the best penile enlargement pill or is it just a SCAM? Read on below and find out why a lot of customers have been DISAPPOINTED by Sinrex pills.

As you know, manufacturers always claim that their products are the best you can buy and work better than the other products from competitors. These are the most questionable statements we always hear.

In order to find out which male enhancement pill is the best we have compiled many Sinrex reviews, compared customers feedback and testimonials and of course purchased Sinrex personally to test it.

This Sinrex review is there to help men who would like to learn more about this product but are concerned whether or not they should buy Sinrex want to know if this enlargement pills is worth their time and money or not.

First of all you should discover what Sinrex is all about, by which company it is produced and what kind of results this penis enlargement pill delivers. Is Sinrex the safe and effective way to increase your penis size?

If you visit Sinrex official web site you can find out that the company manufacturer has been known on the penis enlargement market for 9 years and over one million of Sinrex boxes were sold worldwide.

So what is the difference between Sinrex and other male enhancement products?

Sinrex pills are a bit different than other penis pills, their effectiveness is based on a dual synergy formula (Sinrex Male Enhancement Pills and the Sinrex EGCG and Lycopene Performance Enhancement Capsules) which means that the included ingredients are working as a complex.

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Sinrex advantages

  • Specially developed dual synergy formula based on natural powerful nutrients and a blend of herbs
  • Ingredients are absorbed into the blood stream directly which helps to achieve visible and fast enlargement results. It also increases the metabolism, it helps to sculpt the body, it increases the energy and strength, protects men from many sexual diseases such as prostate cancer by removing carcinogens and free radicals from the organism – these factors help to enlarge penis size, lose weight and improve overall sexual and physical health.

  • Ingredients are clinically proven and approved by certified manufacturing practices
  • Pills include bioperine and cooper chelate which is known as a coronary disease preventing supplement which normalizes the arterial pressure. Cuscuta seeds and green tea are natural antioxidants, ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow to the penis chambers; horny goat weed is a powerful aphrodisiac that effectively enhances sexual pleasure and it has many other ingredients which influence the male’s reproductive organs – vitamins, powerful blends of herbs, organic acids like L-Arginine and creatine – an important metabolite involved in many biochemical reactions which is also present in many types of living cells.

  • Effective in penis enlargement, alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, sexual disorders and even weight loss.
  • Visible fast enlargement and enhancement results.
  • Usually it takes one month to see additional inches in length and girth and a sexual health and performance improvement.

  • Lots of bonuses, special offers, discounts etc
  • They offer a special military discount with Sinrex promo codes and ship to military addresses. They also provide bonus packs which include a free month’s supply with each order, better sex DVDs, penis enlargement devices, access to a website with enlargement exercises, gift cards and much more. If you order a month supply you will get an additional month’s supply for free – 2 month’s supply will cost you only $79.95 in total.

  • A lot of payment options including PAYPAL and Credit Cards
  • It is very easy and convenient to purchase Sinrex as they take PayPal as well as credit cards.

  • 100% Money back – 90 days money back guarantee
  • Absolutely risk free – just ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the final result.

sinrex review

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Sinrex disadvantages

Along with the advantages in my Sinrex review it would be fair to mention some Sinrex disadvantages and let you know why customers have been DISAPPOINTED by Sinrex pills.

  • Possible Side effects
  • As a rule people who take this male enhancement pill do not experience any side effect however it is possible that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients included. It is essential to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the Sinrex components.

  • Take a pill twice a day!
  • Some men hate to take medicines or pills. When it comes to Sinrex you should take pills twice a day so it could be a bit inconvenient. Using male enhancement patches is a good solution to pills, however it depends on your personal preferences.

  • Sinrex is only available online
  • Unfortunately it is impossible to buy Sinrex in your local store, it is only available online. This is an advantage and downside at the same time. It helps men to keep purchasing male enhancement pills privately – an online order is very discreet, however it could take some time until your order will be delivered. Average shipping time is between 2 to 10 days depending on your location.

  • A lot of Sinrex SCAM resellers
  • Another disappointment is that there are so many SCAM vendors who attract customers with cheap Sinrex prices, our recommendation is to buy Sinrex from a reliable and trustworthy dealer – please visit the official Sinrex website first.

My Conclusion

It is very difficult to choose penis enhancement pills nowadays as there are TONS of opposite information and opinions that can be found in magazines, on TV and online. Choose wisely! Do not trust fake Sinrex reviews and unreliable testimonials, try to find and compare as many facts concerning male enhancement pills as you can!

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Hope you’ve found our Sinrex review useful and helpful! Feel free to leave your comments below.

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April 16, 2010

sam @ 10:16 pm #

Hi andy sory my english is bad!sinrex real work?

April 20, 2010

jimy @ 11:26 pm #

I believe you are absolutley mistaken.sinrex is the best

May 6, 2010

Beachbumncaptain @ 8:47 pm #

Sinrex is not effective. I took it for three weeks w/ no improvement! “Hassle Free” returns, what a joke. Several phone calls , e-mails, no help, not to mention “restocking and handling fees! Got back almost nothing ! SCAM!!!!!!

May 8, 2010
June 12, 2010

Eli @ 1:19 am #

I went all out and bought a year supply of sinrex. I figure that if I try the product and post monthly results or lack thereof. That it will help many men make an educated decision on wethe or not to try sinrex. If it works, then I will repoor how long after taking it I saw resultsong and how much gain in performance, size and spem quality was gained. If it doesn’t work, I will report that I spent $350 on a nutritional supplement not an enhancer. Today is day 1, see you all in 30 days.

July 31, 2010

tashif khan @ 8:00 am #

can i use pakistani card to purchase this product

September 14, 2010

charles buckhalter @ 8:44 am #

sinrex absolutely worked, i was 6 inches and now 8 with 2 months and using twice a day, i also did jelqing excerising to speed up process

September 15, 2010
September 22, 2010

krish @ 8:36 pm #

Hi Andy

Does Sinrex helps overall health improvements other than sex or not ?.compare sinrex with vigrx Plus

September 25, 2010
November 11, 2010

shawn @ 1:30 am #

wish i had seen this earlier. im taking sinrex now. 6 month supply. and im currently on my second bottle. i was about 7 inches. now i max out at 7.8ish right after excercises but im about 7.6 before exercises. i think this might be because of better quality erections and maybe not the pill itself. i guess u can say im a bit sceptical cause sadly i havent seen any girth gains. i started with 5.2 girth and im only 5.25 which i think wouldnt have happened without excercises. i might try a 2 month supply of vigrx plus to follow up right after my last bottle is done. i guess im sceptical cause i think the exercises might have helped and not the pills. but im not really sure

November 12, 2010
November 19, 2010

Bill @ 4:02 am #

What I would like to know is, what happens if you stop taking an enhacer like Sinrex? Silly question perhaps but is there a risk of erection difficulties?


November 20, 2010
November 25, 2010

rob @ 8:22 pm #

Just started recently bought a 3 month supply, where do you find exercises to help along with the pills?

November 26, 2010

steve @ 1:42 am #

i bought the 3 month program but i dont see any result after using it for 5 weeks
can i get the exercise ebook

November 27, 2010

ehsan @ 10:49 am #

hi andy i am ehsan from iran i am 21 and i want to have a thick penis
my penis is thin and i want to increase th thikness is it possible with vigrx plus???
and how can i buy vigrx plus

its not possible for iranian people god damn mahmood ahmadinezhad ( our president
thnak you very much and soory for my bad english i am rookie
thank you once more

Dinesh @ 7:42 pm #

I am glad I came across your website. It has saved me time and hassle researching into each product. Great work Andy.

I have two questions..
Firstly. I have noticed you have endorsed both sinrex as well as vigRx plus. Which in your experience, was better overall? Faster? And,
Secondly. I am contemplating using either sinrex/vigRx plus, alongside a product called Erectzan. Have you heard of it? I would love to hear your opinion on that product.

Many thanks,


November 30, 2010

james Bonde @ 8:43 pm #

would like to recieve enhancement exercises

December 1, 2010
December 2, 2010

John @ 7:00 pm #

Andy is it possible to increase size by just doing the exercises and not taking the pills?
If so, please send me the exercises

December 4, 2010
December 5, 2010

Dinesh @ 1:23 pm #

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response and advice. In regards to your reply, I have researched a lot over the past few months and the two common names that appear, are that off sinrex and vigrx plus. I have researched into erectzan as well, and it seems all kosher. I have decided to use both. Erectzan for enhancement, VigRx plus for enlargement, and using pe exercises as well.



December 6, 2010
December 11, 2010

Frank @ 2:02 pm #

I got my three month supply a couple about a week or week and a half ago, and I just looked at the ingredient list, and it doesn’t have all the ingredients that the site says it has in it on the bottle. Have I bought a fake sinrex pills? I did order from the site at least it look like the offical sinrex site. Plus, what is the doseage per day? The bottle says one every 24 hours with a meal.

Adam @ 10:36 pm #

So my penis is 6″ but I was hoping to gain just one inch and some girth. How long do you think this would take with Sinrex? I’m prepared to spend whatever I need to (school loans are good for something haha)

Thanks I am awaiting your reply

December 14, 2010

Frank @ 11:21 pm #

Hi Andy,

I used the offical sinrex site. Turns out I just read it wrong. How could I do that? Thanks though, for the response.

December 15, 2010

SJ @ 4:54 am #

Hi Andy,
Just got my sinrex pills.
Took first pills today but did not feel anything from it.
Was expecting to feel some energy or some kind of anything…
have you felt anything when you took it the first time? or any other times?

bernard @ 7:32 pm #

could i get a free exerise book

December 16, 2010
December 20, 2010

gabriel @ 4:42 pm #

i dont know what to do. to many products. i am between vigrx plus, vimax, and longinexx
any advice will be great. PLEASE HELP

SJ @ 6:27 pm #

Thanks Andy,
one more question.
Do you suggest taking this pill in the morning with meal?
in the evening? or before sex?

December 21, 2010
December 29, 2010

Luqi @ 2:02 am #

Hey Andy

first of thanks so much for advising me on this matter unfortunately I did buy a 6 month supply of sinrex before speaking with andy and quite frankly was really p’d off I didn’t get any gains at all i think it hmade me smaller while i was using it but since i have not been using it it seems to have gone back to normal now i would recommend not using this product at all guys stay clear and YES!!!!!!!!! this man knows his stuff. i can vouch for him, every question ive had he has answered thanks dude your a legend.

January 2, 2011

amin @ 9:26 am #

Hi Andy
i am amin
22 years old
I did research on various companies
I’m really confused about what product I bought for myself, I grow penis
My penis size (4.5 inches)
In two months I want my penis size of 7 inches joins me
Please help me


January 3, 2011

Rocco @ 8:28 am #

Hi Andy,

I am 17, I don’t really need this stuff, but like all males i reckon it’d be good.
I am wondering if it might be unrecommended to take it at my age?
Thank you 🙂

bobby @ 1:40 pm #

hey andy,

I was thinking about taking sinrex and i had a few questions. First off say you start taking it and you dont want to anymore or want to continue taking will it effect if you want to have kids or not? second say you get to the size you want and then stop taking sinrex do you go back to the size you started with or stay at the size you stoped at?

hope you can help thanks, Bobby =)

January 7, 2011
January 10, 2011

Joe smith @ 6:13 pm #

Will sinrex help me get a rock hard erection?!

January 15, 2011
January 19, 2011

Taylor October @ 4:07 am #

Hey Andy, I’m just curious when taking pills is to early (In my case I’m 19), if it would either add on to my natural growing (since you stop at 21) or does the penis grow to an entirely different calender?

Taylor October @ 4:09 am #

Opp nvm I missed the last comment on age.

January 21, 2011

Roger @ 10:44 pm #

I have read a lot of reviews and I’m unsure of what product to get. I am in a toss up between sinrex and vigrx plus. What do you think?

January 22, 2011
January 25, 2011

Dinesh @ 3:36 pm #

Hey Andy,

Just an update on these pills called ‘erectzan’ that I have been using. I have been using for just under a month. I can feel my erections have got stronger, but that could also be mistaken for the fact that I have been watching my diet and exercising more regularly. But, one thing for sure is that these pills are giving me grief. Lately I have noticed that I am getting discomfort with ‘my balls’, sorry to be so blunt. I am getting small rashes which are always itching like crazy, and I can only put it down to these pills. So Andy I should have taken your advice and gone for the more branded products such as, vigrx plus, sinrex or even male extra.



January 28, 2011

Dinesh @ 7:31 pm #


I will be returning them soon. They do have a money back policy, but they do not respond to my emails. On their website, and on the bottles the ingredients have been stated as all natural.

I guess I was trying to go for the cheapest product I could find and this was the result of trying to save a few pounds.
I will now seek to purchase either vigRx plus or maleExtra. I just want something to work. All I want is to be able to maintain hard erections, and if I can get an extra inch or two in the process then that’s just a bonus. I am feeling rather deflated at the moment.



pat @ 11:51 pm #

hello andy you say to take the pill twice a day? on the box it recommends only taken once aday. just wondering

February 1, 2011

Theodore @ 4:15 am #

I bought a 6 month supply and ive been looking for the excersize guide please help. Thank you.

February 4, 2011

joe @ 5:08 am #


I am taking some high blood pressure medicine, will taking sinrex be a problem?


February 7, 2011
February 8, 2011

Jose @ 7:33 pm #

Hi Andy
I was wondering im planning on purchasing the 3 month Sinrex product and I wanted to know say im satisfied with the growth after the 3 months and I decide to not purchase any more would I still keep the results that the product gave me or do I have to keep purchasing it?

February 9, 2011

Pat @ 12:53 pm #

It’s alright Andy, I ordered last month it’s there “new” enhanced formula. And I was also wondering how long it normally takes for results..I have noticed the orgasm enhanced pretty well when taking them

February 10, 2011

Ed @ 7:54 pm #

Is there a specific way to take the sinrex pills? do you take them together or do you take them seperately? or do you take one color first then the other one? what the most effective way to take the sinrex pills.

February 14, 2011

Matt @ 6:00 am #

Andy regarding sinrex my understanding might be wrongly interpreted so i apologize in advance
Sinrex it helps with male performance, growth , harder erections ,premature ejaculation, etc
by taking pills for a few weeks and noticing a result . But how would it prevent premature ejaculation due to there can be a lot of factors involved for someone to have erectile dysfunctions
In your opinion someone who can be suffering from not reaching full erection, low amounts of semen and premature ejaculation sinrex is suited for this and will help overall health ?
Just to mention i have not purchased sinrex as yet, i have been researching male enhancement supplements for a long time and get driven away by what some people comment on or what methods people do, some methods i understand will not work for some people as they do for others. But this product sinrex is one that i only have heard positive feedback on and is sold in Australia which is my location. In your opinion sinrex is a positive supplement that has worked and will work for the problems above.
Any information about sinrex or other supplements will be appreciated
Thankyou Matt

February 16, 2011
March 10, 2011

Slammin @ 10:43 am #

Hi Matt,

Can you please tell me whereabouts in Australia you can get Sinrex.


March 13, 2011
March 11, 2011

Dave @ 12:35 am #

I am so frustrated . i have been doing so much research and viewing testimonials, and rankings of all the enhancement pills and still don’t know which one to start with, i know i don’t want to use anything with Yohimbe in it due to the side effects and heart issues it could cause, but at the same time all the top rated pills have Yohimbe in them, so which is the best pill to buy without Yohimbe in it that not only increases the penis size ( length N girth) but are good for my sexual health.

March 13, 2011
March 11, 2011

bob122 @ 9:28 pm #

hey yeah i brought sinrex and i want 2 know how many times a day can i use it

March 13, 2011
March 18, 2011

Dan @ 1:57 am #

To whom this may interest and to Andy,
I also plan to buy Sinrex pills along with I have bought the Penis health DVD which I haven’t started using but plan to start when I get the pills and the x4lab penis extender… Do you know about when and how I can use the extender, how the extender works and if I can use the along with the pills and the PE exercises… I also would like to know if there was any other natural things I could try and what my likely inch growth would be with the Sinrex alone and my likely growth with the combination of the three (x4labs extender, Sinrex Pills, Penis health exercises). how quickly would I at least see an inch growth… my current penis length is 6 inches… Please help.
Thank you.

March 22, 2011
March 21, 2011

Louis90 @ 9:26 pm #

do i take the red an blue pills together?

March 22, 2011
December 27, 2012

Victor Bermudez @ 4:20 am #

I haven’t tried a male enhancement pills before what I’m doing now are the jelqing exercises and it has helped a lot. I went from a 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches the Arabs were right…THIS WORKS.

My wife is VERY HAPPY but I think I’m going to make her even more happier.

I’ll order Sinrex one month supply just to try it out and post my results my before and after results.

Thanks guys!

December 29, 2012

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