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For those, who didn’t read my MaxiDerm and ProEnhace patch reviews it is necessary to remind that I’ve purchased all three patches and decided to make an experiment on my own body. I’ve tried Vimax personally and wrote this Vimax patch review as a help for those men who value their time and money. I’ll share my personal perception and experience but remember that the effect the patches have on you can be different from mine due to our physical diversities. vimax patch review

I also understand that a penis enlargement pill is a good alternative to male enhancement patches but to tell you the truth I feel very uncomfortable taking pills so that’s why I’ve decided to start with patches first as a safer and more harmless method compared to pills. When reading my Vimax Patch review you’ll figure out the main advantages and disadvantages of this patch, and find out what conclusion I have arrived to.


First of all, I have ordered a 3 month supply and it cost me a total of $154.95. Of course, the more packages you purchase the more discounts you receive. Price starts from $39.15 and goes up to $59.95 to per package, your maximum saving could be $124.75 or 40% if you order a 6 month supply, and you’ll receive 1 free box of patches and one free bottle of Liquid RX.

A ProEnhance 6 month supply costs $15 more than Vimax – $249.95, but I think that ProEnhance’s pack is worth much more than Vimax’s 6 month package because instead of just 1 bottle of Liquid RX you can get a free box of ProSolution pills and a free box of Volume pills.

But as I mentioned before my main goal was to purchase all three brands of patches and make a comparison between Vimax, ProEnhance and MaxiDerm. With regard to prices I can tell you that the prices for a 3 month supply are absolutely the same for each patch – $154.95. The main difference is what is included in this price.

vimax patch review

Additional bonuses

With the Vimax patch I received free access to “Men only” websites with a variety of erotic cartoons, erotic stories, tantric sexuality, Kama-sutra and special penis enlargement programs. MaxiDerm does not provide any bonuses or access to member’s area with a male enhancement exercises website.

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Vimax patch Advantages

  • Natural ingredients – no chemicals, no preservatives etc.
  • Of course the main advantage is that the product is 100% natural and safe, for me it is very good to know that I can safely and permanently enlarge my penis size.

  • Fast results – visible results after 3 months. Bigger penis size is not a myth, penis enlargement is really possible.
  • Vimax Patch’s official web site advertises that it is possible to increase your penis size up to 3 to 4 inches in length and up to 25% in girth. After 3 months using Vimax patches I’ve noticed that my penis became much thicker and fuller in girth and it also became 1 inch longer. These results impressed me a lot.

  • Stronger and more intensifying orgasms – more powerful erections and increase in ejaculation volume which means more semen and more pleasure in bed
  • Well, that is all true partly. I’ve noticed that my orgasms are more intensive and acute; I can produce more semen and control ejaculations better than before.

  • Extremely easy to use, very discreet
  • That is true. Absolutely! I’m not paranoid but I really hate to take pills of any kind. I always forgot to take it, you know, there’s a whole lot of little things to do and remember nowadays so the patch technology is the best for me. I just stick one patch to my abdomen area and forget about it for 3 days, that’s it. No need to explain to someone about the pills you take and why, nobody knows that you are using a penis enlargement patch.

  • Perfect after sale customer support
  • I really like them! I’ve called them, sent a TON of emails, talked to their customer support through live chat for hours and asked too many questions but they always were very polite, answered patiently and attentively.

  • NO side effects!
  • 100% Money back

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vimax patch review

Vimax patch Disadvantages

  • • I could mark out one disadvantage of the Vimax patch system. It is a bit inconvenient to order Vimax online as their “order now” webpage is a bit uninformative.
  • You can’t compare the price per packets instantly until you select the payment option you prefer. Also, ProEnhance provides much more bonuses than Vimax and their “for men only” access is much comprehensive and interesting.


To sum up my Vimax patch review, after 3 months of using Vimax penis enlargement patches I’m very impressed and satisfied with the final results. I’ve reached the main benefits – penis enlargement in length and girth, more intense orgasms, harder erections and more pleasure in bed with my girlfriend!

It is also necessary to say that I’ve used patches in complex with special penis enlargement exercises, such as Jelq, hot wraps and Kegels. I’m” training” my penis for more than 1 year already and really like doing this. And it is essential for me that Vimax patch as well as ProEnhance provide access to special male enhancement exercise courses.

Hope my Vimax Patch review will help you to make your final decision and that it answered most of the many frequently asked questions like what Vimax patch is, how the Vimax patch works, what the Vimax patches contains, how the Vimax patch should be used and what should be kept in mind when using Vimax patches.

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This is a ProEnhance Patch Review, click the link below if you need:

It is always questionable what penis enlargement method is the best but when you have already determined that you prefer to try patches it is still complicated to figure out which exact patch will satisfy your needs. I tested and analyzed the ProEnhance patch system for your convenience. I hope that my ProEnhance Patch Review will help you to make your final decision.proenhance patch review

When you have concluded that a male enhancement patch is exactly what you need a good question to ask is yourself is what enlargement patch is the best for me? The first patch you should consider is Pro Enhance – one of the highest quality, top of the line and extremely complete penis enlargement patch systems. The first reason is that there are some incontestable advantages to this system:


  • Great alternative to male enhancement pills – ProEnhance’s unique deep penetrating patch technology is based on new developments in transdermal researches
  • Only natural herbal ingredients include – no synthetic or chemical ingredients are included.
  • NO negative side effects
  • Purchasing ProEnhance you get not just a box with patches but a complete male enhancement system! This system includes special enlargement exercises, an online workout guide and many other benefits. On top of everything they provide free access to other useful enhancement resources such as Volume Pills or ProSolution Pills.
  • As opposed to other enlargement patches you don’t need to use a new one every day. Thanks to this highly concentrated and powerful patch you only have to think about applying a patch on your skin every 3 days.
  • Overdose is absolutely impossible – because all active ingredients enter to your bloodstream gradually – this is the best advantage of transdermal technology
  • ProEnhancement is producing in USA and approved by Good Manufacturing Practice regulations – which are used by pharmaceutical, medical device and food manufacturers as they produce and test products that people use
  • Absolutely no one will surmise that you buy and use patches
  • Absolutely discreet and safe from the first step – purchasing patches to the final step – great enlargement results
  • Money back – 60 days risk free money back guarantee

proenhance patch review

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Each product has disadvantages of course and during my research of ProEnhance I discovered the following disadvantages.

ProEnhance disadvantages

  • An advantage of a trans-dermal drug delivery route over other types such as oral is that it provides a controlled release of the medicament into the patient’s organism
    A disadvantage to this development however, stems from the fact that the skin is a very effective barrier. Some men claimed that patches work much worse beside enlargement pills however I interpret this as subjective perception.
  • Price
    In spite of the excellent 24/7 after sales support and the 60 days money back guarantee they offer, the price per pack could be a bit expensive. However in case of Pro Enhancement you can be assured that this patch does really work and you’ll see positive results within a couple of weeks for sure. On top of this they also offer special bonuses. And it is much cheaper to purchase VIP, Elite or Deluxe packages for 5, 6 months or even a one year supply. The more you order the more bonuses you’ll get. I guess that the free boxes of ProSulution pills and Volume pills that will be included make the deal a whole lot better since these are worth quite a bit.

The Conclusion

To sum up this ProEnhance Patch Review it is necessary to mention that less than two percent of customers asked for refunds. This statistic must mean something. This enlargement patch works as a good help for men who need enhancement. There is nothing to be ashamed of and because of the new technologies and research in the male enhancement sector, patches that really work, like the ProEnhance patches, are available now for men all over the world for a very reasonable price and their effectiveness is a proven fact.

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