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This is a review of MaxiDerm Penis Enlargement Patch, click below if you a looking:

There are so many ways available if you are about to add some inches or just improve your sexual health, however not all of them are reliable. If you screen though the web you’ll discover that almost all penis enlargement supplements and boosters claim amazing 100% results. Before I wrote this MaxiDerm Patch review I’ve done some research and found out that there are at least 3 popular brands which deserve my attention. maxiderm patch review

There are Vimax patches, ProEnhance Patches and MaxiDerm enlargement patches. I’ve purchased all three patches and decided to do an experiment. I’ve tried MaxiDerm personally and wrote this MaxiDerm Patch review as a help for those men who value their time and money. I know that a penis enlargement pill is a good alternative to male enhancement patches but I hate taking pills so that’s why I’ve decided to start with patches first as a safer and more harmless method than pills.

From my MaxiDerm review you’ll find out more about the main advantages and disadvantages of this patch, my personal experience, final conclusions and more importantly why I have been disappointed with MaxiDerm Patch.

The main advantages I discovered using Maxiderm patches:

  • It is a good alternative to enlargement pills – I hate taking pills or medicines which is why I prefer the patch’s trans-dermal technology.
  • Only natural herbal ingredients include – that’s right, I haven’t expected any side effects such as headaches, depression, an upset stomach etc.
  • Absolutely no side effects!
  • Very easy to use – just slap one patch to your body (I slapped it onto the abdomen area, just above my inguinal region) and forgot about it for 72 hours. Just like with an adhesive plaster, it’s very easy to use and discreet.
  • 100% Money back

maxiderm patch review

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Why I have been disappointed with Maxiderm patch

  • First disappointment – the price!
  • First of all, it is necessary to mention that I’ve purchased 3 boxes of MaxiDerm for $154.95 which was meant for 3 months. And that was my first disappointment.

    On their website you can find that it is “amazingly inexpensive” however Vimax as well as ProEnhance patches are cheaper than MaxiDerm. Price per MaxiDerm box is the most expensive when compared with other popular patches. These other providers usually offer a great selection of bonuses, MaxiDerm does not offer anything similar (Which is also my second disappointment).

  • Second disappointment – lack of bonuses and special offers
  • As opposed to the MaxiDerm patch, the ProEnhance patch provides so much interesting bonuses as well as discounts and special offers. When purchasing ProEnhance you will receive member’s access to their men only area which include a ton of theme articles and product reviews, a special enhancement exercise course, free consultations and a member’s forum where you can ask your questions and share results with other men.

    They also include a free box of ProSolution pills and VolumePills to your 5 month supply order. MaxiDerm won’t give you ANY extras! No free bonus gifts, no member’s only area access, no enlargement exercises, nothing! ProEnhance provides over $350 bonus value whereas the Maxiderm bonus value is only $20.

  • My third disappointment – poor after sale support and non-availability of online live chat or online support forum
  • On the Maxiderm website you will only be able to find a “order now” phone number and no emails or phone numbers that you can reach for any problems or concerns you might have. But they have standard form where you can select the subject of your email inquiry from the list if you have a question.

My conclusion

I used the MaxiDerm patch for a period of 3 months and did get some fairly good results from it but at the same time I could not say that I was amazed with the results. I didn’t notice any additional inches in length or girth but I have to admit that I did have a stronger erection, more powerful orgasms, a better control over my orgasms and a lot more sperm when I ejaculated. MaxiDerm patch was comfortable, discreet and overall very good to use. But I will not buy the MaxiDerm patch again, I would be better off by purchasing one more box of ProEnhance patches.

Hope my MaxiDerm review will help you to make your final decision; maybe you will experience better results. It is absolutely normal as all supplements work different for different men and their body. It depends on many factors, I just wrote my independent MaxiDerm patch review based on my personal experiences.

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p.s. Please also read my Vimax patch review as well as ProEnhance penis enlargement patch review as well as their comparative analysis.