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Do you find it factual that natural penile enhancement supplements don’t do the job? Do guys really want it?

performer5 reviewsMany experts have long discussed if males will need male enhancement products in order to meet his significant other’s sexual needs. I actually have a nice male enhancement review, a Performer5 review.

I’m intending that my own Performer5 review can easily respond to the majority of the questions you have regarding male enhancement pills.

Furthermore, In addition, I want to address these types of concerns by the end of my Performer5 Review:

  • So how exactly does Performer 5 Do the job?
  • Would it be risk-free?
  • Could Performer5 be a different sort of a scam?

I’ve put together this kind of Performer5 review to uncover exactly what can make it work. I will even check out about what substances and also precisely what are the particular quantity of every ingredient, and whether or not it possesses unwanted side effects and if there can be SCAMS associated with Performer 5.

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What are the truths about men’s sexual problems?

Many say that the cause of men’s sexual problems is actually not about sexual dysfunction but it is more of a sexual dissatisfaction. My Performer5 Review reveals that most men lose the amount of their semen when they reach the age of 40.

But I also uncovered the miserable truth about males that most don’t have enough semen even in their prime to give powerful ejaculation. This is the justification given by most promiscuous women who left their partners.

While doing my Performer 5 review, I came to realize that women are not easily satisfied by size. What they really need is a strong penis which can penetrate and hit their g-spot hard. That is the only time that they really feel that they will come.

There are some men who don’t need male enhancers but believe me even the porn stars use male enhancement products to during their shoot.

Imagine with those long minutes or even hours of sexual fetishes and positions they can hold their ejaculation time. And, when the time has come for them to shoot it out, it comes out flooding.

performer5 reviews

How can Performer5 help us?

Performer5 is one of the popular brands of natural male enhancement pills. It has ingredients to allow your body to produce more semen. The creators of this product believed, through their own study of how a penis can last longer and harder, that the more semen you have the more stiff your penis will be.

Performer5 is also believed to allow you to ejaculate more than once. The normal male should only ejaculate once in a night but the normal female can ejaculate up to 5 times or more as long as her partner can do the job well. These are the facts that I found in my Performer5 review.

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What are the Performer5 ingredients that can make our body produce more semen?

In my Performer 5 review I found these effective ingredients that are responsible for the mass production of semen.

  • Pomegranate (70% ellagic) 125mg
    Pomegranate seed extract solution have been found within a study to raise nitric oxide related to preserving the health of the blood vessels.
  • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate 150mg
    Integrating Zinc using this type of extra element can be very effective at helping the volume of semen a man ejaculate. According to a study through the USDA, the greater the building blocks of Zinc oxide, the better the effects. During an assessment, individuals semen volumes reduced by a lot more than 30% every time their zinc oxide intake were being reduced.
  • Mucuna Pruriens 25mg
    This phenomenal herb may be one of the best partners to maintain sexual desire and stamina. Mucuna Pruriens is usually a legume present in Asia and Caribbean. The actual seeds contain levodopa that’s a substance that our bodies change to dopamine.
  • Creatine Monohydrate 35mg
    Used by bodybuilders for a great goal, creatine monohydrate can be proven to postpone the beginning of fatigue by simply buffering lactic acid throughout strenuous exercise routines and lowering your healing period. Amazing facts to know whenever you prepare an all night regimen of sex.
  • L- Arginine 500mg
    As reported by existing health-related research if you take merely 5g of l-arginine every day can help you achieve harder erections. Nitric oxide supplement is essential intended for powerful erection effectiveness but decreases as you get older that leads to slow and much softer erection strength. The most effective methods for improving nitric oxide is really L-arginine, which is often a good protein.

There are more ingredients that are listed but I decided to keep the others since their function is just similar with the ingredients mentioned here.

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Does Performer5 have negative side effects?

It doesn’t have any adverse bad effects on the penis since it is from all natural ingredients. But, some of the ingredients may be harmful if you have some previous ailments or diseases.

It would be good if you can visit your physician before you try the product if you think you might be allergic to some of the mentioned compounds.

Is Performer5 a Scam?

It is not a Scam. The product is a popular brand of male enhancer and they would lose millions if they try something stupid like ripping off their loyal customers.

The company itself is a business mogul so I believe they won’t risk tarnishing their name just for the cause of easy money.


Here’s the list of Performer 5 advantages by my opinion:

  • 180 days money back guarantee. Which is a LOT, compared to other brands
  • FREE shipping on all orders
  • Coupon code available
  • Super FAST and discreet shipping
    Your order is packed on the same day that you order plus your privacy is assured.
  • 90 Pills Per Serving
  • Up to 5 times more ejaculation
  • Up to 50% savings if you buy in bulk
  • HUGE selection of bonuses
    This includes LoveCentria™ online & 54 online DVD’s, MaleExtra™ pills, Vit5™ and more


  • Available online only
  • Credit card orders only
    You need to have a valid credit card to place an order. No other payment options available
  • Since it’s an UK base merchant, it can take up to several days until you get your order

To top it all

My Performer 5 Review proves that men need male enhancement products if they want to give more pleasure to their partner.

I can personally attest the efficiency of the Performer5 because of the potent ingredients it has to let our body produce more semen and it will also give us energy for long lasting hours of sex.

But, my Performer5 Review admits that the product is will not add up your penile length and circumference. It is all about giving you extra mile.

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