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This is a review of VigRx plus pills, click below if you are looking for:

I wrote this VigRx plus Review help to everyone who would like to know more about the pills offered by VigRx Plus and for those men who want to know if VigRx plus is a SCAM. If you are interested in male enhancement you must have done some research and have already heard about VigRx.

Common questions that people usually ask are: What’s that? How does it work? vigrx plus reviews

I’ve purchased VigRx and decided to test it personally order to be able to find out if it works or if everything they promise are lies. From my VigRx plus Review you’ll learn about advantages and disadvantages of this enhancement system and why i have been DISAPPOINTED. Read the review and determine by yourself if you need to buy VigRX pills or not according to my own tests.

First of all, I have to admit that my penis size was far away from the ideal, so it wasn’t something I could be proud of. This was a huge problem for me since my 18th which is when I realized that it will not going to be larger. This problem gave me something to think about, so one day, I realized that I had to change the situation. I purchased penis enlargement exercises programs and started doing enhancement workouts every day.

After a couple of months I gained visible and stable results but still wanted to reach more. 4 months ago I’ve bought VigRX complex to check if their pills would help me to enlarge my penis size. Now I decided to write this VigRx plus Review to share my progress with you.

vigrx plus review

The positive effects:

Well, I found out that VigRX pill should help me to enlarge my penis size by increasing the blood flow to my penis, without increasing my heart beat or blood pressure. They also claim that VigRX pills will improve my potency, make my erection harder and longer. I should also get a better ejaculation control, more powerful orgasms and overall penile health but I counted these promises as additional bonuses.

What I desired most of all is to enlarge my penis size. Of course I knew that ingredients included in pills are absolutely natural and that no synthetic, refined or other harmful components which could cause any side effects are included. I decided to give VigRx plus pills a try.

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So, what I’ve got after 4 months of taking VigRXPlus:

Believe me or not, but I was very surprised with my measurements! Only after 2 months of taking pills my penis enlarged not very big in length but I was amazed with another very important thing! I’ve noticed that my erected penis became bigger in girth! I was very enthusiastic about the achieved results and continued to take capsules.

Now I have been taking them for 4 months already and I think my penis is exactly as big as I wanted it to be. It’s 6.3 inches long and almost 5.5 inches thick! Can you imagine that it was only 4.8 inches when I started doing special penile enhancement exercises and taking pills! Moreover, I’ve noticed that after taking VigRX capsules my sperm quantity also increased.

I didn’t know what effect it could entail but now my wife is 8 weeks pregnant! We are SO happy! This finally happened after 2 years of trying without any results!


  • VIGRX Side Effects? – No negative side effects! Absolutely natural components!
  • Visible results in a short period of time
  • Clinically tested and medically proven
  • Money back – 100% money back guarantee

Why I have been DISAPPOINTED

  • The only reason of my disappointment is that penile enhancement exercises which are also included in the package are not very expanded and individualized.

    They provide very superficial knowledge about general enlargement exercises.

Here’s what I did. I’ve created my own Male Enhancement Exercises eBook. I’ve spent almost 6 months doing a research and writing it!

These Exercises will help you to get the best and the fastest results and more importantly – these results are permanent.

Now it’s available to my subscribers’ list FREE OF CHARGE!

All you have to do is to sign up to my newsletter on the right. Leave your name and email address and I’ll send it to you instantly.

My conclusion

For those who are concerned about price, I personally recommend to purchase the Gold, Platinum or Diamond package to save money. I think that a 5 or 6 months supply would be enough to make certain whether or not VigRX plus works for.

You may think that it is a bit expensive to pay $329.99 for a 5 months package but the results I’ve gained are worth every dollar I spent. According to VigRx Plus official site they have a 67 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, just ask your money back.

It was a great experiment and I’m absolutely satisfied with the results. I have been looking for permanent enlargement options, but I gained much more than I could even imagine.

The length of my penis increased by 1.5 inches and the thickness increased as well. I feel more convinced in bed, I have better ejaculation control, my erection is harder than before and my wife is pregnant, so what else could I wish for?

For outstanding results, decided to give VigRXPlus “The Best Pill Award” and “The Best Value For the Money Award”:

vigrx plus reviewvgrx plus reviews

I’m very excited about VigRX because of the results I personally experienced. I hope that my VigRx plus Review will help you to make a final decision.

Click here for VigRx plus official website

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July 15, 2010

william Grero @ 5:42 am #

Please let me have your contact details i would like to order ! your website is blocked in the U.A.E

July 16, 2010
September 15, 2010

Daniel Rohena @ 7:48 pm #

Hey Andy I wanted to know if you could please send to my email that ebook you make for penis excercise please I ll be waiting thank you.

September 20, 2010

resa @ 8:57 pm #

from your assessment, what products should I buy? whether vigRX or maleextra plus .. because I’m reading all your assessments of both is equally good product.

October 11, 2010

Hatta @ 2:56 pm #

newsletter + ebook


October 29, 2010

Hello Andy thanks for your insight on these Male Enhancement Pill because I have try a few and they did not work for me so I am glad that i find your website to here which one of them will work thanks again. Milton A. Brown

Reggie Baker @ 11:16 am #

hello I would like a copy of the PE Exercises too! Thanks in Advance Andy!!!
Vigrx x plus is the best!

November 1, 2010

Christiaan @ 5:26 pm #

Dear Andy,

I am glad that I found your blog and there is some of question which I want to find out. I saw that there are two website blog. It’s VigRX and VigRx Plus. It makes me so confusing why are there two website of the same name !!!

Andy, I would like to ask you if you have a private email address and I want to send a private mail to you. I feel to shy to put my question to here on the blog where all the people can read my mail.

I have a private question to you and I hope I will get a mail form you soon.

Kind Regards


November 6, 2010

Sam @ 9:10 pm #

today is 11/06/2010. Is Vigrx plus still the leader in the male enhancement product?
What can u say about extamax? They advertised their product promising to double money back if wont work. Does exercising help in any way? What is the difference between your e-book and a book?

November 16, 2010

Joel @ 5:39 am #

are the affects perminant

November 21, 2010

Nick @ 11:46 pm #

Hi Andy

Is it possible to increase the size of more than 2 inch? Maybe 3-4, don’t need more, but I’m just curious if its possible.
Even do, it wouldn’t be as bad to increase more than two.
Thanks for your response!

Regards Rob

November 22, 2010
November 28, 2010

James @ 6:36 pm #

Hi Andy,
Thanks too much for this exposition.I almost paid for some other product.Now that i know am so lucky.I would have wasted time and money .
I tried assessing your website from here Qatar but no way .Its blocked.How do I pay and receive my products without it been tampered if it gets here.This side of the world is funny.How does this Vig Rx Plus comes ?How many pills in a bottle?what is the dosage?I need to start fast .How much is it ?
Hope to read your reply from my inbox.
Best Regards

December 1, 2010
December 4, 2010

Paul @ 4:34 pm #

Greetings Andy,

Would you be able to send me the PE guide you referred to? I don’t mind subscribing either.


December 6, 2010
December 10, 2010

spongebob @ 6:38 pm #

Hi Andy,

(1) I’m looking for something to maintain my erections during a make up (got some random softs here) and also to get my erections harder than ever. For those regards, which one do you recommend me taking? VigRX Plus or Male Extra? (Note that I’m not asking about the enlargement effects.. so NO, you haven’t answered this one in your posts.)

(2) And another question, are you still hard even after you have cum’d –taking VigRX Plus or Male Extra that is– ? It would be cool if the pills enable you to play for rounds (cum over and over) and you’re still hard as a rock.


December 11, 2010

john albab @ 1:30 pm #

hi Andy,

i just received my vigrx plus today.I bought for 12 month supply..Does these pills has expired date?

December 12, 2010

john albab @ 1:43 pm #

Thank you very much Andy for the info..I started to take my vigrxplus today,then about 3pm i take 1 pill of semenax(get free from 12 months purchase).I feel slightly pain on my right side kidney.Is this a normal side effect?

December 13, 2010

slimils @ 1:46 am #

like many of you guys i’ve tried other pills and was mad that i wasted my money hoping for a change with vigrx plus
i ordered two months of vigrx plus . im like five – five in a half in. long im looking to gain at least two in.
my question : are there any thing else that i can take with vigrx plus to make it work faster,or take a higher dosage .
i just dont want to waste time with pills that will just make me hard… does that for me and didnt cost as much.
im just tired of buying pills that dont work
thank you,
and email me that PE workout please

December 14, 2010
December 19, 2010

jamel @ 1:01 am #

Hey I just ordered my supply can I get that exercise video

December 20, 2010

saud s @ 12:53 pm #


i wanna ask if there is any side effects if i take with it some supplements like a protein , nitric oxide , amino acids , caffeine

December 21, 2010
December 26, 2010

Ali @ 2:17 am #

Hei Andy, I ordered this product and it is now here in my country but the problem is. i can not get it before i pay tax. they want to know how much does it cost. so i tried to send them a copy of how much i paid on my email box. they did not believe that. so what do you think is there anything i can show them how much it does cost? maybe a picture from my bank payments?


December 27, 2010
December 30, 2010

tboy @ 2:35 am #

so if i take the pills for 30days there is no guarantee that i will see results or is it?

January 2, 2011
January 3, 2011

Kevin @ 2:41 am #

Hey andy thanks for the reviews I just started vigrx plus was wondering if you could email me the exercise ebook I agree the one they give you doesn’t give the best instruction. Thanks once again for the reviews. Kevin

nurseman @ 3:37 pm #

i received your ebook and i really recommend to every one,a lot of very usefull and important info and the most important it’s free.thanks andy!

January 6, 2011

Ray @ 6:09 am #

Hey Andy,
Thanks for the ebook. One question, do you recommend taking one pill in the morning and the other at night or both pills in the morning/night?

January 7, 2011

Mmoloki @ 9:12 am #


I read your reviews and they were great, i want to try them out. can you please email me a copy of your ebook??

thanx mate

Joy @ 2:11 pm #

Hey Andy,

i just want to improve my sex stamina because when i start sex it hardly take 2-3 minutes so suggest me how can i improve sex drive time ??

Dinesh @ 7:05 pm #


Please, please, please could someone have a look at this website and give me their honest verdict. I would appreciate if Andy could please give me his verdict as well. Thank you for your time.



January 8, 2011

Ali @ 9:37 pm #

Hi again Andy, is it better if i use 2 types of pills at the same time? like 2 pills from vig rx plus and 2 others from another product? and what exercise do you recommend best to help gaining length?
thank you very much.

January 10, 2011

Roger @ 11:44 am #

Hello Andy. I’m considering trying out this product. Would it be ok if I get this ebook people are talking about? thanks in advance.

Christar @ 4:34 pm #

hi is this their website in uk? xxx://

January 11, 2011

Christar @ 7:36 pm #

the problem is i ordered from there about 5 days ago… i asked about that at the one in usa and no one answered. do you have any contact with them?

January 12, 2011

jordan @ 6:36 pm #

in enhancing your penis does vigRX and vigRX do the same thing? im debating between the too and i want to make a good decision. i dont need this but i would really like to get to 8. also can i get your ebook

January 13, 2011

gladson @ 11:08 am #

hello andy i used to read reviews about penis pills through the internet and i found that vigrx plus is on top enhancer.i wanted to know something much more important about vigrx plus is does it really increase the erection length bcoz my erection is average does it boost the erection length to 1 or 2 inches.iam doing jelqing too but never tried any pills and i think i should give it a try.oh do u know the pornstars secrets to have them a huge cock and this is how they combine a body suppliment called rezberry ultra with virility ex pills and they grow their dick within weeks…its all on the internet…..bro..

congratulations…….thumbs up for u ….good luck my pls hit me………….

January 15, 2011

gladson @ 5:06 am #

thankyou andy,one last question………do u feel that your results are permanent even after the specific period they specified and how long you took the pills?.does it wear off when you stop taking them? bcoz i red that only penile exercise and extenders can give you permanent results but what about vigrx plus does the results stay with us…..

sorry if my english is bad………..iam an indian from india….pls reply

Ali @ 10:17 pm #

Hi Andy, have you ever heard of Viagra super active plus, ProstateForte and EnhanceXL pills? and if they work?

January 17, 2011

Clarence Williams @ 7:16 am #

Just ordered the vigrx plus. Can I get a free copy of that ebook?

ehsan @ 9:16 pm #

hi andy
may i use vilirity ex with vigrx plus??
my blood presure is normal
thank you so much

January 18, 2011
January 20, 2011

sameer @ 11:22 pm #

hi Andy,

plz send me ebook of penis exercises on my given email.


January 23, 2011

Peter Q @ 4:23 pm #

Hi, I found your review and the comments here interesting. I have used VigRX and VigRX Plus for over two years. I have written my own review on my experiences (illustrated). Like many reviews I have read I too noticed improvements, both sexually and with my general health. Obviously this is my personal experience and not a clinical observation. Personally I experienced better results with VigRX than with VigRX Plus. I also did a study into all the ingredients of the supplements which I documented in a Word document with links to all the reference materials. So to my questions! As a long term user of the supplement I was wondering about the recommendation not to take the tablets continuously for over 6 months, i.e. to take a break every so often? Anyone else done this? Also I’ve noticed that the benefits are not permanent or always consistent, again has anyone else experienced this?

January 25, 2011

-V- @ 2:49 am #

Few of the Top rated Pills here have VERY similar web pages.. like branches of the same company.. that looks kinda suspicious..
and Most of the Hype and Promo goes to those same pills.. like VigRX and MaleExtra..
Do U know is there an option to order VigRX to Estonia.. it said on order page that its not possible..
Which one to choose anyway.. Virgx or MaleExtra.. if I want to last longer and want better performance..
increase in length is also important.

Miki Hiir @ 3:22 am #

How much does the initial size affect the growth ?!
at 4.5 inch now 🙁

rico @ 5:53 pm #

Hi Andy,

Glad i found this website!

What i simply want is, a bigger (girth)/(lenght) penis. I spend so much money at other pills, pumps, etc. and they all diddnt work :(. Its kinda fustrating!! I’ve read on the internet about many pills and I doubted on two; sinrex and vigrx plus. Witch do you recommend? cauz Im interested in buying vigrx plus 2 -3 month sup. A wize choise…?
Question always is.. will it realy work.. I would really like to receive your exercise book for the better results.



January 28, 2011
January 30, 2011

AJ @ 1:58 pm #

Hey Andy, Ive tried sinrex with no results, and am now on longinexx with minor gains. What’s expected growth with VigRX?

February 7, 2011

ron @ 5:02 pm #

I would like your free ebook of exercises. Thanks!

February 9, 2011

richards @ 6:22 am #

hey andy

i bought 4 months sup of vigrx plus i want to know around what month will i start to see results like 2-3 inches results and also will i see girth change 2???

February 10, 2011

BoneDoc12 @ 4:07 am #

Thanks for the review, it has been very informative. Can you send me your ebook, would like to try it out.

June 1, 2013

herman @ 6:07 pm #

,”@Andy Ramirez:please send me excercise book

February 10, 2011
February 11, 2011

bobby @ 5:47 am #

Hey andy, i have read both of your reviews on sinrex and vigrx and you have me set on vigrx but the only question i have before i buy is that i take stuff to lift wieghts, like protien and no xplode and the only thing i ask is, is that going to effect me if i start taking vigrx? i hope you can help like you have in the past thank you

February 16, 2011

rex @ 8:23 pm #

one question. i bought the pills and on the box it says that it`s forbidden to take them if you are a sportsman…i don`t play any sports but i go to the gym and work out..
and i begin working out running on the treadmill like a lot…is it ok to take the pills?

February 22, 2011

ehsan @ 4:13 pm #

hi and 1 Q??
have you ever used jelq device?? and ho do you like it?

February 25, 2011
February 26, 2011

abby @ 9:44 pm #

do this vigrRX work for men older than 50 years??

February 27, 2011
March 1, 2011

sezar @ 12:48 pm #

hello mr …. i started to use vimax pills about a week for now …. the main question are this pills do the effect by ownself and with out what you mentioned an exercises …. what excersies should help achieve gain in lengh and girth ! …. and what is the plan that u suggest to make daily exercses ( i cant cuz i learn all the time ) or 5 8 10 minutes in day ? ….

Baaz Hassan @ 1:14 pm #

Hi Andy
my name is Baaz Hassan and i am liveing in kabul Afghanistan and i want to use the VIGRX PLUS but its not avilable in my country.
on 15 march 2011 i will go Dubai if its avilable in Dubai pleas send me the name sopes.

sezar @ 2:13 pm #

and plz another question mr andy …. you wrote in review you gain 1.5 inches lengh from using vigrx …. did you mesure that lengh in the peroid that you still take the pills or the results are just permanent until now ?! … and what you gained totaly after using it for ayear ?? girth and lengh … ?
thanks mr for your help

March 3, 2011
March 4, 2011

sezar @ 9:53 am #

thx mr andy…. can i ask another question 🙂 … whats more effective and work better for enlargment the pills or the liquid gels are they for the same purpose … i see that the gel is more effectiove cuz it realese the same ingriedients ass pills in local way so seem that its more effective … i want to order the best product effective and combine that with jelqing practicing …… thank you andy for your help

Joe @ 10:39 am #

Where can I subscribe??, I would really like the ebook it will be verry helpfull

March 5, 2011

Jason @ 1:31 am #

hey i was thinking and i wanted to ask you opinion, what do you think the number 1 male enhancment exercise in your opionion???


March 6, 2011

Gregg @ 4:52 pm #

Hello Andy,

My question is abt the male enhancement pill Rigirx. Do u know of it & would you suggest using it in place of vigrx. Its less expensive as per 6 mos or any any amount of mos supply for that matter & has some as per looked up very potent ingredients. U tke 1 a day for 3 days then 1 every 3days afterwards. Its 12 in a pack designed to last for a month. Whats your input on them

March 7, 2011

francis @ 2:44 am #

is it possible to get a 1year pack in afghanistan via UPS? because i realy need it.

March 8, 2011
March 9, 2011

sezar @ 7:01 pm #

andy… for increasing girth what pill you recomment for best effectivness on girth vigrx or prosolution by ur exprience …. and about the squeeze exercise can you give detail how to use this teqhnice . thanks very much

March 13, 2011
March 10, 2011

Jason @ 4:22 pm #

Great, that was an genuine post i wanted to see, finally i got it. i will have a try for it. thanks anyway for the free penile exercise.

god bless you.


March 13, 2011
March 14, 2011

Lezko @ 4:08 am #

Hi there. Andy, I am really confused with all the pills out there. Some websites say the pills work and some say all pills are a scam. I dont really know what to do and how to increase my penis length. I just want to increase the erectile length. Will vigrx plus really work? I dont want to waste my money on pills. But ill pay if it works. Some say pills dont work at all. And i really want a bigger penis. And how much supply should i order if i want 4 inch increase?

March 16, 2011
March 14, 2011

joes @ 10:45 am #

Hi andy what do you think of the clinical study vigrx has provided on their website, they’ve tested vigrx on rats and found no side effects. Also they made a study on a placebo. Do you think the clinical studies they have done are legit??

March 16, 2011
March 15, 2011

Mark @ 9:05 pm #

Hi Andy,

First of all, fantastic site! Thank you for creating this for us 🙂

So I downloaded the exercises E-Book that you suggested. Amazing btw. However, I’m a very visual person, do you have a resource where I can actually see the exercises being done, I don’t really get how to properly do them from the instructions in the e-book.

Thanks so much once again.

All the best!


March 16, 2011
March 17, 2011

marwan @ 6:00 pm #

hi andy
i have made an order for vimax,and then they refound it as they say for security reasons,,,as they say fraud isue wich is not comvence me,,i gess you help me out to find out if i can made an order for,vigrx plus


March 22, 2011
March 31, 2011

juz pite @ 7:10 am #

Hi there. I am really confused with all the pills out there. Some websites say the pills work and some say all pills are a scam. I dont really know what to do and how to increase my penis length. I just want to increase the erectile length. Will vigrx plus really work? I dont want to waste my money on pills. But ill pay if it works. Some say pills dont work at all. by the way i need to give correct website and one good exercises and cream or oil to give me perment result for my penis. And i really want a bigger penis & longer and strong errction. And how much supply should i order if i want 4 inch increase?

April 4, 2011
April 1, 2011

peter @ 4:03 am #

Hi andy.. Might be I am late to find this sit n u. can u please tell me about virility ex pills.. i already ordered that one.. Now i can see there are many pills available.. anyway heard from friend and did order.. but still need to know from u. does virility ex works or not…please reply this

April 4, 2011
April 2, 2011

peterjakson @ 6:30 am #

Please let me have your contact details i would like to order ! your website is blocked in the K.S.A
i waiting your answer in my email.please thanks.

April 4, 2011
April 3, 2011

Vic.. @ 3:08 pm #

Great site …for better results how many pills I shuld take per day,,,I’m size 6.2 how much increase I should expect in 2 months .? I only purchased for 2 months ..

April 4, 2011
April 5, 2011

kevin @ 8:16 pm #

hey man, i just subscribed to you, haven’t got my ebook yet, how long does it gonna take me to get one?

April 7, 2011

Dmoney @ 7:47 am #

Just got vigrx plus. Would love your ebooks excercises.

June 1, 2013

herman @ 6:10 pm #

Hi Andy, I ,want to order 1 packed for 3 month , I need excercise book,tq

June 3, 2013
June 14, 2013

Tim @ 1:10 am #

Hi andy, would you be so kind to email me your ebook. You’re the best man. By the way, which website can i order these pills and which package gives saving?

June 16, 2013

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